Infacon II

Lausanne, Switzerland, 12-16 October 1980

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Opening address
      R Bjorklund

L'evolution technique et economique de l'industrie des ferro-alliages
      J Gall

Comparaison technique et economique des différents types de fours utilisés dans la fabrication du ferro-silicium, du ferro et silico-manganèse
      H Bromet

Comments on the growth perspectives of the manganese alloy industry
      E Madero

Computer-aided control for the production of ferrochromium in a submerged-arc furnace
      G Sommer, NA Barcza, IJ Barker, MS Rennie, and AB Stewart

A solution to measurement problems in interaction effects in the control of submerged-arc furnaces
      AB Stewart and IJ Barker

The mathematical model of a resistive electric smelting furnace
      JH Downing and FW Leavitt

Development of the South African ferroalloy industry since 1960
      JP Kearney

The role of ferroalloys and the demands on them in the melting and refining of stainless steel
      DAA Reeves

Les minerais de chrome dans la production de ferrochrome carburé
      C Fornaini

Reaction mechanisms for the prereduction of Winterveld chrome spinels
      CWP Finn and CS Kucukkaragoz

The pontential for the direct production of ferrochromium nickel alloys and stainless steel "pig" in Zimbabwe
      D Slatter

Operation of an 81 MVA high carbon ferro-manganese furnace at SAMANCOR's Meyerton works
      FJ Potgieter

Development of silicomanganese smelting at Niigata works
      T Izawa and I Nakamure

Environmental regulations and pollution control for the ferro-alloy industry in Japan
      T Tomioka

A medical strategy for health and work environment problems in the ferroalloy industry
      R Rlylander

Fabric filters: An effective means of air pollution control in the ferroalloys business
      WL Goss

The fight against air pollution in the ferroalloy industry
      FC Schmitt

Modern fabric filter technology for cleaning gases from ferroalloy furnaces
      S Strangert

The energy situation in the ferroalloy industry and its implications for the future
      AG Arnesen

The operation and control of a submerged-arc furnance to produce high carbon ferrochrome from pre-reduced pellets
      P O'Shaughnessy and M Sciarone

Consideration of electric furnance dimension and dynamic operation based on research of reduction burden in a model furnace
      S Yoneka, K Harada, K Kojima, and K Nakagawa

The world steel industry - present state and future prospects
      LJ Holschuh

Panel discussion
      GR Barrow

Closing address
      L Alberts

List of Delegates
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