Infacon IV - 4th International Ferro Alloys Congress

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 31 August - 3 September 1986

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Construction And Operation Of The Shaft Type Fe-Mn Smelting Furnace
      A Kitera, S Sakurai, J Kurihara, M Yoshimoto, N Fukushima, and Y Serizawa

The Design And Development Of Furnace Linings For Manganese Alloys Smelting
      NJ van der Walt

Production Of Manganese Alloys With Ore From Carajãs
      BV Gorini and LT Castro

Manganese Smelting In Australia Using Lumpy Ore And Sinter
      AH Olsen and AM Lee

Improvement Of Energy Efficiency By Process Computer For Ferroalloy Electric Furnace And Production Of Medium Or Low Carbon Ferromanganese By Direct Decarbonization Of FMnH Melt
      K Yamamoto, S Ito, S Terada, T Soejirna, and Y Kurita

Control Of Furnace Charge By Microcomputer. New Technology
      PEL Pires and JN Monteiro Jr

Statistical Process Control. A Tool For Profit
      JF Collins and JE Cumbo

Factors Affecting The Reduction Rate Of Chromite
      NF Dawson and RI Edwards

An Assesment Of Smelting Reduction Processes In The Production Of Fe-Cr-C Alloys
      MJ Niayesh and GW Fletcher

Ferrochrome Production At Ferrochrome Philippines, Inc.
      F Brauer and W Weber

Chrome Ore Fines Sintering In Ferbasa
      GO Lopes

Industrial Application Of Dense Media Separation For Recovering FeCr Entrained In Slag And Discarding Slag Admixed With FeCr Fines
      GA Apostolides

Production Of Charge Chrome In A 45 Mva Submerged Electric Arc Furnace At Facor, India, Using A Mix Of Briquetted And Lumpy Chrome Ores
      M Subramanian, N Harman, M Saraf, and R Saraf

The Control And Operation Of A Pilot-Plant D.C. Plasma Furnace -
      KC Nicol, MS Rennie, and AB Stewart

Technology For The Production Of New Grades And Types Of Ferro-Alloys Using Thermal Plasma
      D Slatter, NA Barcza, TR Curr, KU Maske, and LB McRae

Pyrometallurgical Processing Of Polymetallic Nodules
      M Demange and L Septier

Optimum Utilization Of By-Products In Ferroalloy Industry
      T Senga, H Saito, and M Takabatake

Recycling Of Fines Generated In The Ferro Alloy Production Through Coldbonded Agglomeration Process. Preliminary Tests
      J Martins

Chromite Potential Of The Vale Do Jacurici
      B de Deus, MM Marinho, GMF Rocha, and JS Viana

Evolution Of HSLA Steels Production In Brazil. An Influencing Factor In The Increasing Consumption Of Special Ferro-Alloys
      PJP Bordignon, EQ Oliveira, JRP Schiesari, and SA Machado

The Microalloying Industry
      H Stuart and F Heisterkamp

The Potential Demand For Ferroboron In Large Scale Applications Of Amorphous Metals For Transformer Cores And In Other Uses
      WJ Rosenfelder

Production Of Ferro-Boron By Electric Furnace
      K Seki, T Hiromoto, and T Inoue

Effect Of Current Variations On Material Properties And Thermal Stresses In Søderberg Electrodes
      R Innvaer, K Fidje, and R Ugland

DC Arc Single Electrode Smelting Furnace
      B Kjellberg and B Orrling

Past Experience And Future Trends On Fume Control System In The Ferro Alloy Industry
      FC Schmitt

Aluminothermic Reduction Of Anatase Concentrates
      LR Freitas, PR Mazoni, and MW Saab

Manufacturing Of Nodulizing Alloys And Their Application
      M Sarlo and H Richter

The Use Of Silicon Containing Alloys In Iron Foundries
      B Scheffler

Metallurgical Production Of High Purity Silicon
      A Sche'i

Silicon Metal Supply And Demand Situation In The Period 1986-1991 And Its Probable Impact On The International Market Situation
      F Myhre and AG Arnesen

Availability Of Manganese Ore And Future Production Of High Carbon Ferromanganese
      E Madero B.

Long Term Trends In The Production And Consumption Of Ferro-Alloy Metals
      JLT Davies

Ferro-Alloys In A Global Context. An Economic View Of The Future
      BG Russell

Produção E So De Energia Derivadas Da Biomassa Florestal
      MH Borges, MR Almeida, and JCR Magalhaes

O Carvão Vegetal No Brasil
      A Marri and PA Gomes

Analise Tecnica Da Utilização De Carvão Vegetal Pela Industria De Ferro-Ligas No
      RC Silveira, WF Carmo, and MV Braga Neto

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