Infacon IX

Infacon IX - The Ninth International Ferroalloys Congress

Quebec City, Canada, 3-6 June 2001

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Opening Ceremony
      D Ksinsik

Manganese outlook and symposium overview
      JA Rivero

Restructure of Chinese ferroalloy industry
      Zhang Zengchan

Trends in U.S. customer needs for ferroalloys
      SF Sibley, JW Blossom, LD Cunningham, MD Fenton, J Gambogi, TS Jones, PH Kuck, JF Papp, RG Reese, and KB Shedd

Key developments in the ferroalloy markets
      JP de Linde

The ferroalloy industry and global climate change: Risk minnimization and economic opportunity
      M Mondshine

      R Boisvert, M Read, and E Ydstie

Determination of component activities in the Cr-Si-C in the Cr-Fe-Si-C melts
      K Kosseyrev, K Marushkin, AS Alikhanyan, and SE Olsen

DC arc furnace technology applied to smelting applications
      K Bergman and B Kjellberg

Flow and heat transfer in a radially spreading liquid metaljet related to casting of ferroalloys
      H Haaland

Experiences in operation of various electric-arc furnaces under resistance control
      AL Moolman, MS Rennie, and P Brereton-Stiles

Information management in the ferroalloy business
      MS Rennie, WD Carew, R Terblanche, AL Moolman, and N Anthony

A thermodynamic model for silicon furnace
      X de la Juganniere

Discussion of ideal smelting model of submerged-arc furnace
      Li Jingchum

The related practices for the design for low frequency for low frequency electric arc furnace
      Li Zhichao

Ferrochromium and Ferronickel
      L Holappa, G Rath, and R Urquhart

Reduction of chromium oxide by methane-containing gas
      O Ostrovski, A Jacobs, N Anacleto, and G McKenzie

Kinetic modelling of chromite pellet reduction with CO gas under rising temperature from 700 to 1520oC
      Y Xiao, M Reuter, and L Holappa

Kinetic study on smelting reduction of chromite ore
      M Kekkonen, L Holappa, and P Niemela

Excavation of a 54MVA HC-ferrochromium furnace
      E Ringdalen and J Eilertsen

Status report on pyrometallurgical ferronickel production
      G Rath and R Degel

Pig-iron and ferroalloys production in oxygen reactor
      VA Grygorian, AV Pavlov, AE Semin, and KL Kossyrev

Probe into decreasing sulphur contents in medium carbon ferrochromium in converter practice
      W Hongbing and L Pengyrum

Kinetics of the prereduction of manganese ores
      M Tangstad, M Sibony, S Wasbo, and R Tronstad

Sintering of COMILOG ore in Moanda
      M Sibony and F Wasser

Sintered manganese ore and its use in ferromanganese production
      D Jorma, K Helge, O Paivi, and S Riku

Kinetics of gaseous reduction of manganese ore
      T Lindstad and L Stalheim

High thermal electrical property of manganese ore in production of high carbon ferromanganese
      Y Miyauchi, M Mochida, and Y Fuchi

The worldwide silicon market and new technologies
      JB Camarasa and SO Velasco

Arc simulation model for three-phase electro-metallurgical furnaces
      GA Saevarsdottir, JA Bakken, and VG Sevastyanenko

The SKTEC electrode: An adaptable electrode design for the production of silicon metal and ferro-silicon
      R Boisvert

The use of biocarbon in Norwegian ferroallys production
      B Monsen, M Gronli, L Nygaard, and H Tveit

Factors affecting carbon consumption in the production of high carbon ferromanganese
      KN Swamy, DGC Robertson, P Calvert, and D Kozak

Modelling of the silicon process as a DAE system
      MG Ruszkowski, LT Biegler, T Lindstad, and BE Ydstie

Oxidation of liquid silicon- reaction mechanisms and kinetics
      K Hildal and JK Tuset

Steam explosions of single drops of molten silicon-rich alloys
      LS Nelson, PW Brooks, R Bonazza, and ML Corradini

Selectivity and reactivity of the Trichlorosilane process
      GJ Andersen, J Hoel, H Rong, and H A Oye

Mineralogical and thermodynamic inverstigation of CLU converter lining failures in commercial production of medium carbon ferromanganese
      LR Nelson, PHF Bouwer, and NB Buenk

The processing of jigged ferromanganese fines in a DC arc furnace
      K Bisaka, GM Denton, and JAL Parker

SiMn production in a 150kVA pilot scale furnace
      M Tangstad, B Heiland, SE Olsen, and R Tronstad

The production of purified MnSi alloy
      D Yond and Y Yunfeng

The effect of ferromanganese cleanness on inclusions in steel
      T Sjoqvist, P Jonsson, and H Berg

Oxidation studies during decarburization of ferromanganese
      PJ Bhonde and RD Angal

Mercury removal from off-gases at Tinfos Manganese Plant
      D Haaland

Bacterial reduction of Hexavalent Chromium: A vailable environmental solution to the treatment of efrfluent from ferrochrome smelter
      WA Gericke

The enviromental challenge: The approach adopted for the manufacturer of chromium metal and ferrotitanium
      L Ranson

Euroalliages research project for environmental hazard evaluation of ferroalloys and slags
      MBM Indeherberg, EG Astrup, K Van der Kerken, S Laget, E Midgaard, ID Scott, and U Syrjala

Electrodes and Refractory
      R Innvaer and H Johansson

Study on magnesia ramming bottom lining in ferroalloy refining furnace and its application
      W Shouyuan

Improving profitability by analyzing ferroalloy furnace lining perfomance to improve lifetime
      RJ van Laar, H Holl, AJ Dzermeijko, JM Risi, and J Malan

Use of Soderberg electrode paste in Briquettes
      JPM Amaro, GM Lima, JA Belmonte, and EJ Lourenco

Operation of Soderberg electrode methods to avoid and solve electrode failures
      G Andersen, R Innvaer, and B Larsen

Application of magnesite ramming mix in production of ferroalloy
      Y Zhizhong, W Shouyuan, and J Yuangang

Impact ofelectrode paste on soderberg electrode pefomance
      PM Wikinson, S Ganguly, PA Williams, and LJ Jensen

Enquiry into a fire in the bag filter attached to two ferromanganese furnaces
      BR Broekman, AR Jamieso, and CG Muir

The present situation of ferroalloy production and consumption in Turkiye
      S Aydin, O Yucel, C Arslan, and A Koksal

The future role of ferroalloys in iron and steel
      O Grong, P Jonsson, and O Klevan

Future demands on ferroalloys from the customer in the steel industry
      P Jonsson, T Sjoqvist, and O Grong

The status of MMT at the US environmental protection agency
      JM Davis

Combustion products of the MMT fuel additive
      JW Roos, DR Lynam. IL Smith, GD Pfeifer, and JG Reynolds

An overview of CIIT's manganese research program
      DC Dorman, KA Brenneman, MF Struve, RA James, BE McManus, and BA Wong

Influx kinetics of manganese, manganese citrate and manganese transfering into the brain
      JS Crossgrove, SS Rhineheimer, and RA Yokel

Effects of manganese on the developing rat brain: Oxidative-stress related endpoint
      M Aschner, DC Dorman, LH Lash, and S Weber

Measurement of the oxidation state of manganese inside brain, heart and liver mitochondria using XANEs spectroscopy
      TE Gunter, LM Miller, L Buntinas, R Eliseev, ST Hammond, A Alexandov, CE Gavin, and KK Gunter

Mechanisms of manganese-induced rat pheochromocytoma(PC12) cell death and cell differentiation
      JA Roth, L Feng, J Walowits, RW Browne, and M Garrick

Disordered iron metabolism following manganese exposure: From systemic iron homeostasis to cellular iron regulation
      W Zheng

Neurotoxicity of inhaled manganese
      J Zayed

Particle solubility and delivery of inhaled manganese to the rat brain: Manganese sulfate and manganese tetroxide pharmacokinetics following repeated (14-day) exposure
      MF Struve, RA Marshall, MW Parkinson, BA Wong, and DC Dorman

Brain manganese efflux through the blood-brain barrier
      RA Yokel, SS Rhineheimer, and BL Bukaveekas

Where does manganese come from? Metal quantities and associations in modern alluvium of the Mississippi river delta
      H Mielke, CR Gonzales, E Powell, AL Sturghill, and A Shah

Manganese treatment induced dose-related decreased in the activities of several glycolytic and TCA cycle enzymes in neuroblastoma and astocytoma cells
      GV Malthankar, BK White, DS Hanson, CL Hanson, A Bhunshan, CK Daniels, KJ Rodnick, and JCK Lai

Uptake of manganese dioxide to the rat brain: Role of particle size in a nose-only inhalation exposure
      LD Fechter, DL Johnson, and R Lynch

Exposure, neurobehavioural perfomance and hormone status of workers exposed to manganese in the production of manganese alloys
      DG Ellingsen, R Bast-Pettersen, S Hetland, and Y Thomassen

Manganese exposure and parkinson's disease: A comparison using two tremor characteristics
      G Lambert, A Beuter, and B MacGibbon

Characterisation of workers exposure in the production of manganese alloys
      Y Thomassen, S Hetland, H Ortner, and D Ellingsen

Aninvestigation of potential nervous system effects of manganese (Mn) at a South African smelting works
      JE Myers, ML Thompson, Young T, S Ramushu, E Esswein, I Naik, A Iregren, D Rees, and L London

Boilermakers for environmental Mn exposure: Using ranges for different exposure scenarios
      JE Myers,I Naik, ML Thompson, S Ramushu, and E Esswein

Manganese and prion desease
      DR Brown

Risk assessment of manganese in the development of prion diseases
      F Lamoury, M Burel, D Marced, and JP Deslys

Dopaminergic dysfunction following long-term occupational exposure to manganese
      E Raffn, P Arlien-Soborg, C Thomsen, and L Friberg

A novel TLV for inorganic manganese compounds
      RK Obenshain, MM Marrapese, DG Sarvadi, and LLP Heckman

Effects from occupational and environmental exposure
      R Lucchini

Determination of an occupational exposure guiddeline for manganese using the benchmark method
      KS Crump and HJ Clewell

Is increasing environmental exposure to manganese disturbing the delicate balance of an essential element?
      D Mergle

Effects of manganese on oxidative-stress in CATH.a cells
      M Aschner, JW Allen, and CG Worley

The uptake of manganese in brain endothelial cultures
      M Aschner, JW Allen, G Shanker, and LA Mutkus
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