Infacon V

Infacon V

New Orleans, USA, 23-26 March 1989

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Dephosphorization of manganese alloys
      J Kr. Tuset and AN Waernes

Dephosphorization of Mn alloys with Mg
      YE Lee, RH Kaiser, and JH Downing

The establishment of a 500 000 t/a sinter plant at Samancor's Mamatwan ore mine
      WA Gericke

Analysis of the smelting process for the production of silicon-calcium-iron alloys
      J Finardi

Vanadium production and application
      H Hess and S Satterlberg

The development of vanadium industry in China
      T Wang

Pre-reduction of fluxed chromite ore pellets under oxidising conditions
      RC Nunnington and NA Barcza

The production of ferrochrome by the smelting reduction with top and bottom blowing converter
      T Senga, S Yoneka, Y Sawada, and, M Fujita

The reduction of chromite spinels by solid carbon and by carbon dissolved in liquid alloys
      RH Eric, O Soy, and E Uslu

DC technology for smelting furnaces
      B Kjellberg and S-E Stenkvist

Open-bath production of ferrochromium in a DC arc plasma furnace
      HG Kammeyer, KU Maske, and G Pugh

Reactions and phase relationships in DC arc plasma furnace producing ferrochromium
      D Slatter and M Ford

The plasma chrome process at Swede Chrome AB
      AB Winder

The solution rate and recovery of ferroalloys
      SA Argyropoulos

Advancement of cored wire applications within the steel and cast metal industries
      H Mair

The cored wire aspect of in-ladle metallurgy
      E Vachiery

The influence of the solidification process of silicon-rich ferroalloys on production quality
      H Tveit

Contribution to the study of hydrogen's content in ferroalloys and its influence in the steel's quality
      RS Silveira and WF Carmo

Recent technological developments in of low and medium carbon ferromanganese manufacturing
      A Kitera, S Sakurai, S Sazuki, and K Saito

The rotary hearth furnace direct reduction process
      W Hofmann, T Vlajcic, and G Rath

Camargo Correa Metals S.A.- Brazil's most modern ferroalloy facility
      AA Teodoro and TG Riscili

The present state and future development of silicon metal production in medium and small electrical furnaces
      Y He

Plasma smelting of silicon
      VD Dosaj and E Kosh

Silicon smelting with self-baking electrodes
      J Persson and H Mueller

The Soderberg electrode system- Recent research and development- new challenges
      R Innvaer

Characterization of silicon metal
      KS Chopra

Roasted wood: A new raw material for silicon metal production
      E Barrillon

Development and use of Silgro carbon-silica briquettes in silicon metal furnaces
      GW Lask and N Ruuth

The several utilizations of slag from ferro-alloy manufacture
      Y Yamamuro, H Amano, and K Murai

The application of quality assurance in the production of ferro boron using S.P.C.
      J Pearson

Expert systems can control ferroalloy production processes
      TK Leonard

Occupational health aspects of risk management in Elkem metals company
      CR Allenbach and WR Poili

Session I - Technical Program and Discussion
      JG Oxaal and A Kitera

Session II - Technical Program and Discussion
      BP Watson and M Sciarone

Session III - Technical Program and Discussion

Session IV - Technical Program and Discussion

Session V - Technical Program and Discussion

Session VI - Technical Program and Discussion

Closing Address
      JG Oxaal, Chairman, INFACON
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