Infacon VI

Cape Town, South Africa, 8-11 March 1992

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The status of ferroalloy industry with special reference to South Africa
      HJ Smith

Strategic planning parameters for the steel and ferroalloy industries
      PH Smith

Plasma-arc technology for ferroalloys, part II
      DR MacRae

The availability and marketing of vanadium
      T Jones

Commercial relationships now and into the twenty-first century
      AA Apotsos

The reduction of synthetic iron chromite in the presence of various metal oxides- A thermodynamic-analytical study
      CPJ Van Vuuren, JJ Bodenstein, M Sciarone, and P Kestens

The solid-state reduction of chromite
      MJ Niayesh and RJ Dippenaar

Kinetic aspects of chromite ore reduction with coal at 1200 to 1500 degrees centigrade
      D Neuschutz

Solid-state fluxed reduction of LG-6 chromite from the Bushveld complex
      P Weber and RH Eric

The importance of chromite pre-treatment in the production of ferrochromium
      M Honkaniemi, H Krogerus, J Daavittila, and P Oikarinen

The smelting behaviour of chromite ores and the formation of slag in the production of high-carbon ferrochromium
      S Xu and W Dai

Plasma-arc smelting of fine chromium ores
      HR Larson, JF Elliott, and R Perkins JR

The reduction of chromite in Fe-Cr-C-Si alloys
      O Demir and RH Eric

An evaluation of process alternatives for the reclamation of ferrochromium from slag
      J Visser and W Barrett

Commissioning and operating an induction furnace at Zimasco (KweKwe) to melt high-carbon ferrochromium
      S Jene and ST Ravasingadi

Operating and marketing results of the production of intermediate-carbon ferrochromium in a CLU converter
      PHF Bouwer

Technology for the combined production of chromium metal and ferrochromium
      RL Wang

A case study of the production of high-grade manganese sinter from low-grade Mamatwan manganese ore
      PC Pienaar and WFP Smith

The production of special SiMn using the gas and powder injection process
      R Kamata, Y Kizu, and H Tsujimura

The development of technology for the production of refined ferromanganese in China
      Z Jinhua and L Zhizhong

High-productivity operation of a shaft-type ferromanganese smelting furnace
      S Suzuki and M Masukawa

The two-stage production of high-carbon ferromanganese in a blast furnace: A method for the treatment of a lean manganese ore
      T Zhang

Solid-state decarburization of high-carbon ferromanganese
      PJ Bhonde and RD Angal

Thermodynamic activity of manganese oxide in ferromanganese slags, and distribution of manganese between the metal and slag phases
      H Cengizler and RH Eric

Silicon-metal production on a trial basis from river pebbles originating in Australia
      DP O'Shaughnessy, AE Firek, and JE Trunzo

The effect of reductant moisture on the production of 75 percent ferrosilicon
      D Retaillick

The production of high-quality silicon metal at Simcoa
      CJ Szymkowski and JM Bultitude-Paull

The refining of silicon and ferrosilicon
      JKS Tuset

On-line laser measurements of silica dust
      EB Gudmundsson and T Hannesson

The total quality programme at Bozel
      J Finardi and IC da Silva

Intermetallic compounds in metallurgical silicon
      T Margaria, JC Anglezio, and C Servant

The use of vanadium- A brief review
      PS Mitchell

Pyrometallurgical processing of vanadiferous slag using plasma/induction heating
      RL Howard, SR Richards, BJ Welch, and JJ Moore

Maximizing the return from electrode investments
      CF Fulgenzi

The heat-recovery system at Minami-Iwate works
      K Kosaka, H Ota, and Y Tamura

Air-pollution control in the Amazonia region: Dust extraction in a silicon-metal plant
      R Civile and H de Raedt

Electrical factors affecting the economic optimization of submerged-arc furnaces
      A de Waal, IJ Barker, MS Rennie, J Klopper, and BS Groeneveld

The monitoring and repair of furnace linings at TEMCO
      M Williams

Planning for future ferroalloy production in South Africa
      MA von Below

Wire injection of metallurgical powders into molten metal
      GP Crawford

A semi-continuous autothermic reduction process for the production of ferroniobium
      R de Fuccio, JR A De Fuccio, EW Betz, and CA de F Sousa

The optimization of parameters for the carbothermic production of ferroboron
      O Yucel, O Addemir, and A Tekin

The potential of the 'chrome chain' for South Africa
      PR Hatty

The continuous casting of stainless steels
      JK Brimacombe,S Kumar, CO Hlady, and IV Samarasekera

Dephosphorization of stainless steels
      N Sano and H Katayama

Nitrogen control in chromium steels
      RJ Fruehan

The potential of chromium as an alloying element
      GT van Rooyen

Developments in Zirconia sensors during the 1980's- Laboratory and in-plant applications in iron and steelmaking
      M Iwase

The austenite-ferrite transformation in 11.5 per cent chromium steels
      PGH Pistorius, HJ de Klerk, and GT van Rooyen

High-chromium controlled-hardenability steels
      J Hewitt

Optimization of the AOD process at POSCO
      HS Song, SM Byun, DJ Min, SK Yoon, and SY Ahn

Mechanical properties of a 316L forging material modified for resistance to sensitization
      E Protopappas, CA Smal, and FG de Lange

A simple experimental technique for the determination of MnO activities at 1600C in (MnO-MgO-SiO2) slags saturated with (MnO-MgO) solid solutions
      JMA Geldenhuis, EB Pretorius, and RJ Dippenaar

Carbothermic reduction and desulphurization of chromite with nickel oxide and sulphide
      W Dresler, BC Jena, and A McLean

Design criteria for stainless-steel structural members
      P van der Merwe and GJ van der Berg

The effect of anisotropy on the fatigue and fracture of a 12 per cent chromium steel
      MB Cortie, CJ Fletcher, and W Veldsman

Metallography of high-carbon ferrochromium
      A Lesko, E Navara, and TRC Fernandes

The toughness of the heat-affected zone of welds in 11.5 per cent chromium steels
      JJJ Zaayman and T van Rooyen

Duplex ferrite-martensite steels containing 16 Wt per cent chromium
      RD Knutsen and R Hutchison

Reducing the nickel content in metastable stainless steel
      OE Schmid and RD Knutsen

The effect of martensite content on the corrosion and mechanical properties of dual-phase 12 per cent Cr steels
      A van Bennekom, LM Mathews, JN Tarboton, and FPA Robinson

Influence of stress and electrochemical effect on initiation and morphology of pits in stainless steels exposed to an aqueous solution of boiling magnesium chloride
      DJ Simbi, M Dingwiza, and BD Barker

Corrosion resistance of intermediate chromium-alloy steels in mine waters
      PV Scheers, MU Kincer, T Rumpf, and JJ McEwan

Performance of buried 3CR12 pipes in various soil environments
      RT White and EA Duligal

The influence of heat-tinted surface layers on the corrosion resistance of stainless steels
      T von Moltke, PC Pistorius, and RF Sandenbergh

Analysis of preferred orientation in duplex chromium-nickel steels
      HJ Bunge, A Ul Haq, and H Weiland

From niche to commodity, 3CR12- a ten year scenario
      DK Maxwell, K Dewar, and I Warrington

Modern stainless steels to combat chloride-induced localized corrosion
      J Olsson

The influence of carbon content on the oxidation and wear resistance of Fe-20%Cr alloy at elevated temperatures
      JD Xing and QD Zhou

The susceptibility of 12per cent chromium steels to stress-corrosion cracking
      RF Sandenbergh and PGH Pistorius

Stainless steel, with 11 per cent chromium and high yield strength, for welded constructions resistant to corrosion and abrasion
      JC Charenton, P Rombeaux, B Hurtaud, and JM Hauser

Influence of ruthenium content on the corrosion in sulphuric acid of a duplex stainless steel
      JH Potgieter, W Skinner, and AM Heyns

The effect of an oxygen atmosphere on the creep-fatigue failure of iron-chromium alloys at 600C
      E Aghion, J Ferreira, and D Eliezer

Smelting reduction of chromite ore in an oxygen converter
      T Izawa, H Katayama, and N Sano

Ferroalloy production by the smelting-reduction process with a coke packed bed
      H Itaya, S Taguchi, K Igawa, and T Nozaki

A dynamic process-control system for steel converters
      P Hahlin

The role of ferroboron and ferrotitanium in steel: Production methods, quality, and addition techniques
      RW Bebbington
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