Infacon VII

Infacon VII

Trondheim, Norway, 11-14 June 1995

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Future localization and structure of the ferroalloy industry
      P Avery

Quality standards of ferroalloys viewed from the steel industry
      K Nakamura

Ferroalloys Markets
      JP de Linde

Environmental standards and the ferroalloy industry
      T Faerden

Reflections on the future of the ferroalloy industry in Western Europe
      O Enger

Ferroalloy industry in CIS countires
      GV Serov

The role and prospect of the developing China's ferroalloy industry
      W Mengjun

Reflections on the future, and on the role of the ferro-alloy industry in South Africa as part of the social system
      NA Barcza, JPW Bennie, and K Bezemer

The Brazilian ferroalloys industry - current situation and outlooks
      AJ Melgaco

Reflections on the future and on the role of the ferroalloys industry in the development of North America
      DW Ksinsik

Environmental aspects of ferrochrome production
      WA Gericke

Leaching of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from ferromanganese scrubber sludge placed in landfills
      JE Sorlie and EG Astrup

Strategic plan to abate pollution and to beneficiate low grade manganese ore at Smiore's metal and ferroalloys plant
      SY Ghorpade

Energy recovery in the Norwegian ferro alloy industry
      L Kolbeinsen, T Lindstad, H Tveit, M Bruno, and L Nygaard

Cyanides in FeCr submerged arc furnace production. Theoretical and practical considerations
      H Jalkanen, M Kojo, H Krogerus, P Niemela, and P Oikarinen

The economic and technical implications of the use of coal rather than coke as a reductant at Metalloys
      DB Wellbeloved and M Kemink

Coal in the production of silicon rich alloys
      O Raaness and P Gray

Reaction rate of reduction materials for the (ferro)silicon process
      T Videm

The relative reducibilities of chromite ores and relative reactivity of carbonaceous reductants
      AR Barnes and RH Eric

Direct production of ferromanganese from Gemco sand concentrate and coal
      D Crawford, PLJ Mayfield, AD Brent, and AH Olsen

Technological trends in chromium unit production and supply
      DD Slatter

The production of ferrochromium in a 40 MVA DC plasma furnace
      M Ford and JF Oosthuizen

Induration of chromite
      LJ Erasmus

On sulfur control in HC FeCr production
      W Dai and L Shu

Developments in ferroalloy production and consumption of Turkiye
      S Aydin, C Arslan, and F Dike

Some aspects of submerged arc furnace start-up
      L Shu and W Dai

Thermodynamics of slags containing chromium oxides
      Y Xiao and L Holappa

Silicon and carbon in chromium alloys
      KL Kossyrev and SE Olsen

Kinetics of chromite dissolution in liquid gas
      O Demir and RH Eric

Kinetic study on solid state reduction of chromite pellets
      M Kekkonen, Y Xiao, and L Holappa

Kinetic investigation of chromite reduction in a high carbon ferrochromium alloy bath
      BMC Tsomondo, DJ Simbi, and A Lesko

Effect of flux additions on the kinetics of chromite ore reduction with carbon
      D Neuschutz, P Janssen, G Friedrich, and A Wiechowski

Slag-metal equilibria for ferrochromium refining
      XW Pan and RH Eric

Estimating and comparing the energy consumption and energy losses for ferrosilicon furnaces
      SI Heimdal

Measurements of blows in FeSi furnaces
      EB Gudmundsson, I Bimir, and J Halfdanarson

Hollow electrodes in the production of FeSi75
      HT Ingason, J Halfdanarson, and JA Bakken

Electrode length measurements with Elmo
      EB Gudmundsson and J Halfdanarson

Development of an in Situ prebraking electrode system for silicon metal production
      A Vatland and W Bruff

Dissolved impurities and inclusions in FeSi and Si, development of a filter sampler
      OS Klevan and TA Engh

Ferrosilicon research in Iceland
      TI Sigfusson

Tinject refining during 15 years
      H Holta

Refining practices at Simcoa Operations Pty Ltd
      JM Baltitude-Paull, JG Brosnan, HK Herbert, and RM Cooper

Control of ferroalloy furnaces - experiences and challenges
      A Holmelid

Applying estimators in the operation and control of FeSi furnaces
      A Valderhaug and H Tveit

Intelligent control of submerged-arc furnaces
      MA Reuter, C Pretorius, C Klopper, MS Rennie, and IJ Barker

A numerical model for the AC arc in the silicon metal furnace
      HL Larsen, G Liping, and JA Bakken

The performance of a resistance-based furnace control system on a submerged-arc furnace
      BA Ngwenya, L Mabiza, IJ Barker, A de Waal, MS Rennie, and P Mailer

Dynamic model for the high-temperature part of the carbothermic silicon metal process
      B Andresen and J Kr Tuset

Object-oriented model of a ferromanganese furnace
      SO Wasbo and BA Foss

Expert system for Soderberg electrodes
      R Innvaer, K Fidje, and K Kalgraf

Modification of operating parameters for ferroalloy electric furnaces to allow extension of intervals to tap
      M Morimoto, T Yabata, J Kiguti, and M Arituka

The silicomanganese production process at Transalloys
      K Bezemer

Kinetic simulation of the control of the nitrogen content of low carbon ferromanganese in a novel counter-current reaction launder process
      LR Nelson, DGC Robertson, and KN Swamy

Equilibrium in production of high carbon ferromanganese
      SE Olsen, W Ding, OA Kossyreva, and M Tangstad

Phase relations of Mn-Fe-Si-C systems
      EG Hoel

Thermodynamics of phosphorus in carbon-saturated manganese-based alloys
      SC Shim and N Sano

The ferromanganese process - material and energy balance
      M Tangstad and SE Olsen

The rate and mechanism for reduction of manganese 'oxide from silicate slags
      TA Skjervheim and SE Olsen

Ferroalloys products in the Gulf region
      Z Al Mokrin

Mechanism of ferroboron formation in a DC electric arc furnace
      O Yucel, O Addemir, F Cinar, and A Tekin

Silicon for silicones: A developing route for PEM
      L Baud and T Margaria

Water granulation of ferrosilicon and silicon metal
      L Nygaard, H Brekken, HU Lie, ThE Magnussen, and A. Sveine

Relationships between the grinding behaviour and the microstructure of ferro-silicon alloys with 65 wt.% silicon
      C Gueneau, C Servant, and F Manier

Thermal behaviour of a spherical addition to molten metals
      E Rohmen, T Bergstrom, and TA Engh

Principle guidelines for new ferroalloy product developments
      O Grong, T Grong, and T Skaland

Production and use of novel (Wti)C master alloys in ferrous castings
      MA Kearns and D Wardle

Elkem university-continuing education for graduate professionals
      B Asphaug

Mathematical modelling-an integrated part of Elkem's continued education for process metallurgists
      SA Halvorsen

Heat, stress, management and health
      OT Fure

High active inoculant ferroalloy to control graphite morphology and nucleation ability in cast iron
      M Chisamera, I Riposan, and M Liliac

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