Infacon VIII

Beijing, China, 7-10 June 1998

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Developments in Technology for Ferrochrornium Production
      AM Edwards

Strategic Issues in the Ferroalloy Industries
      C Stobart

Environmental Aspects of the Ferro Alloy Industry
      H Tveit

Optimization of Structure of Steel-Making in China and Its Demand on the Optimization of Ferroalloy Production
      Z Baiseng, Y Dong, and S Tiansen

The Outlook for Ferro·Manganese, Silica-Manganese and Ferro-Chrome
      A Bennett

The Present Situation and Future Prospects of Ferroalloy Industry in China
      W Jianmin

The North American Ferroalloys Industry at the Crossroads into the New Millennium · Challenges or Stumbling Blocks on the Road?
      DW Ksinsik

The Current Situation and the Future Development of the Ferroalloy Industry in Asia
      T Akizuki

Recent and Anticipated Developments of Ferroalloys in South Africa
      Z van der Walt

Environmental Solutions to Waste Products from Ferrochrome Production
      WA Gericke

Environmental Aspects of Ferro-Silicon Furnace Operations-An Investigation of Waste Gas Dynamics
      ST Johansen, H Tveit, S Gradahl, A Valderhaung, and JA Byberg

Comprehensive Treatment Technology of Chromium Leached Residues
      Z Zinong, T Jin, L Tiegang, R Zhiguo, L Yingje, and Z Huitang

Treatment of Waste Water Containing Vanadium and Chromium by a Two-Fractional Precipitation Process
      L Mingyang, Y Jianmu, D Xiaodong, L Ming, L Faying, and L Longyin

Company Profile Including Development in Stack Emission Filtration Technology
      D Wintersto

Practice on the Application of Electrostatic Dust Filter for the Fumes of FeMn Furnaces
      S Zhenku

CO2-Emissions and the Ferroalloys Industry
      T Lindstad

On the Control of Silicon Content in Ferrosilicon
      GR Jonsson and HT Ingason

40 Year History of Metal Silicon Production in China
      H Yunping and Y Zhichan

Effect of Thermal History and Internal Stresses on Disintegration of Ferrosilicon
      B Johannesson and TI Sigfusson

Phase Stability in Silicon Rich Ferrosilicon
      T Magnusson, T Sigfusson, and O Helgason

Statistical Analysis of Properties for Coals Used in the Production of Silicon Rich Alloys
      O Raaness, L Kolbeinsen, and JA Byberg

Experience of Carbonaceous Reducer Utilization in FeSi Production at Joint-Stock Company KUZNETSKIE FERROSPLAVY
      SS Zhyljakov, GA Chashin, YP Snitko, lM Kashlev, YP Kanaev, NE Molchanov, VM Strakhov, and VV Tregub

Microstructural Study of Granulated Ferrosilicon with 75wt% Silicon
      QC Horn, CL Nassaralla, and RW Heckel

Kinetic Modelling on Solid State Reduction of Chromite Pellet with CO
      Y Xiao and L Holappa

Kinetic Study on Solid State Reduction of Chromite Pellets and Lumpy Ores
      M Kekkone, A Syynimaa, and P Niemela

The Effect of Chromite Ore Mineralogy on Reduction Mechanism and Reducibility
      E Ringdalen and SE Olsen

South African Chrome Ore for the Production of Charge Chrome
      M Sciarone

The Selective Carbothermic Reduction of Chromite
      TP Curr, LR Nelson, and LB McRae

The Production of Ferroalloys by the Toll Treatment of Slag Dumps
      BJ Olivier, RN Gues, and JAL Parker

Development of High Quality Ferrochromium Alloy (NKK Super-Chrome)
      M Kato, S Kawaguchi, and T Toyada

Chromium Recovery from Ferro-Chromium Slags
      CS Kucukkaragoz, G Akdogan, and RH Eric

A Preliminary Study on Pellet-Sintering of Chromite Fines
      Q Fangming and Z Lin

Studies on Factors Affecting Carbon Content in Ferrochrome and Chromium Content in Slag
      C Yonggao

Carbon Solubility and Mass Action Concentrations of Fe-Cr-C Melts
      Z Jian

Phase Equilibria and Oxygen Potential in SiO2·CrO·MgO·Al2O3 Slags (MgO/Al2O3=2.0)
      KL Kossoyrev, AV Pavlov, and SE Olsen

Technical Methods for Reducing Power Consumption in Smelting Extra-Low Carbon Ferrochromium
      S Yihua, B Hongyuan, and Z Wenbiao

Solidification of MC SiMn Segregation, Structures and Strength
      EG Hoel and JK Tuset

Optimization of Medium·and Low·Carbon Ferromanganese Process by Silicothermic Reduction
      D Weizhong, X Weiwei, T Kai, and J Guochang

Studies on Production of High Carbon Ferromanganese in Blast Furnace with High Proportion of Sinter and Improvement in Manganese Recovery
      X Xiaoxing and L Daolin

Industrial Trials on Basic Fluxes in SiMn Smelting
      S Li and D Wei

Production of HCFeMn Using High Proportions of Sinter in the Charge
      J Pais, W Brown, and MW Saab

Refining of High-carbon Ferromanganese
      PJ Bhonde and RD Angal

Technical Progress of Blast Furnace Ferromanganese Production in China
      Z Tangke

Control of Oxygen Potential and Its Effect on Dephosphorization in Ferromanganese
      D Yuanchi, G Shangxing, and C Erbao

Improvement of Production Process for Medium/Low Carbon Ferromanganese
      F Weixian

Carbothermic Reduction of Manganese from Manganese Ore and Ferromanganese Slag
      M Yastreboff, O Ostrovski and S Ganguly

The Application of Steel Belt Technology for the Sintering of Manganese Ore Fines
      H Krogerus, J Daavittila, J Vehvilainen, and M Honkaniemi

Reduction Kinetics of MnO-Saturated Slags
      V Oloso, M Tangstad, and SE Olsen

Thermodynamics of C·Mn-Si-Fe Quaternary Alloy
      T Kai, X Jianlun, Z Xiaobing, J Guochang, and X Kuangdi

A Discussion on Thermodynamics of Pyrometallurgy for Ferroalloys
      J Guachang and X Kuangdi

Thermodynamics of Carbon and Sulphur Solutions in Manganese Based Melts
      VY Dashevskii, VI Kashin, and NP Lyakishev

Thermodynamics of Phosphorus and Silicon Solutions in Manganese Based Melts
      VY Dashevskii, VI Kashin, and NP Lyakishev

Dephosphorization of Manganese Ferroalloys with CaO & MnO Based Slag-Forming Mixtures
      VY Dashevskii, VI Kashin, NP Lyakishev, BF Velichko, and V Koval

Production of Ferromanganese and Silicomanganese from Tavas Ore, Turkey
      O Yucel and E Ari

Equilibria Between Refined Ferromanganese/Silicomanganese Alloys and Silicate Slags at 1500°C
      CS Kucukkaragoz and RH Eric

Hygroscopic Moisture Determination of Groote Eylandt Manganese Ores
      P Merritt

Modelling of AC Arcs in Three·Phase Submerged Arc Furnaces
      G Saevarsdottir, HL Larsen, and JA Bakken

Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology on the Submerged Arc Furnace
      L Dada, S Yanguang, and S Yang

An Advanced DCS Control System for Low-Carbon Ferrochromium Production Line
      H Naili, S Guohui, and C Xiaojun

Advanced Furnace Control
      W Braun, T Nettleton, and A Jamieson

Automation and Reduction of Labor in the Operation of Electric Arc Furnace for HCFeMn Production
      F Yoshida, T Honma, and T Sasaki

Development of an Operator Guidance System for Intermediate Carbon Charge Chromium Production
      LM Booysen, LR Nelson, KN Swamy, and M Visser

Advances in Furnace Control
      MS Rennie, IJ Barker, AL Moolman, C Pretorious, AG Fourie, and MA Reuter

Intelligent Control System for Ferroalloy Plant Using Expert System and Neural Networks
      BZ Livneh and X Pan

Practical Aspects of DC Furnace Design
      NM O'Brien and M Ford

Model Study of Bath Mixing Intensity in Ferroalloy Refining Processes
      G Akdogan and RH Eric

A Method of Studying Soderberg Electrode Consumption
      R Innvaer and A Hempel

A Three Dimensional Simulation Model for a Soderberg Electrode
      MT Jonsson and HT Ingason

The New Compound Electrode: Current Situation and Thermoelectric Studies
      B Javier, L Miguel, B Alfredo, and P Francisco

Improved Methods for the Lump Casting of Ferroalloys
      MB Cortie, IJ Barker, D Knight, and F Levey

Freeze Lining Concepts for Improving Submerged Arc Furnace Lining Life and Performance
      AM Hearn, AJ Dzermejko, and PH Lamont

The Technical Characteristics of the Chinese Submerged Arc Furnace
      G Hongfa and Y Zheng

Developments of DC Submerged Arc Furnace Technology for Ferroalloys in China
      Z Tianhe, Y Zhizhong, J Boqun, X Shucai, W Wenbin, Y Qun, and Z Pigong

Electro-Aluminothermic Process for Ferrovanadium Production in Pangang
      L Guisheng, D Yong, and M Jiayuan
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