Infacon X

Infacon X

Cape Town, South Africa, 1-4 February 2004

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        Session Chairpersons: R.H. Eric & E. Ringdalen
Aspects of SAF Smelting of Ferrochrome (Keynote)
        P.C. Hayes
Analysis of Transport Phenomena in Submerged Arc Furnace for Ferrochrome Production
        Y. Yang, Y. Xiao, and M.A. Reuter
Solid State Reduction of Chromite with CO
        Y. Xiao, C. Schuffeneger, M. Reuter, L. Holappa, and T. Seppala
Reduction Behaviour of the Akanvaara Chromites of Northern Finland
        R. Hiltunen and J. Harkki

        Session Chairpersons: W. Bryszewski & A.K. Stott
Reduction of Chromium Oxide in Stainless Steel Slags (Keynote)
        N. Sano
OxyfinesTM Technology for the Re-Melting of Fines, Dust and Sludge
        J. von Scheele
Direct Smelting of Stainless Steel Plant Dust
        T.J. Goff and G.M. Denton
Alternative Routes to Stainless Steel - A Life Cycle Approach
        T.E. Norgate, S. Jahanshahi and W.J. Rankin

        Session Chairpersons: F.I. de Waal & L.J. Erasmus
The Influence of Alkalis on the Boudouard Reaction
        T. Lindstad, M. Syvertsen, R.J. Ishak, H.B. Arntzen and P.O. Grontvedt
The Development of an Agglomerate Through the Use of FeMn Waste
        K.P. Davey
Optimizing Manganese Ore Sinter Plants: Process Parameters and Design Implications
        J. Malan, W. Barthel and B.A. Dippenaar
Briquetted Chrome Ore Fines Utilisation in Ferrochrome Production at Zimbabwe Alloys
        N.R. Shoko and N.N. Malila

        Session Chairpersons: K. Cookson & R.C. Urquhart
The Impact of Platinum Production from UG2 Ore on Ferrochrome Production in South Africa (Keynote)
        L.A. Cramer, J. Basson and L.R. Nelson
An Improved DC-Arc Process for Chromite Smelting
        G.M. Denton, J.P.W. Bennie and A. de Jong
Formation, Characteristics and Utilisation of CO-Gas Formed in Ferrochromium Smelting
        P. Niemela, H. Krogerus and P. Oikarinen
Effects of Charge Components on Reduction of Chromite Concentrates by Aluminothermic Process
        B. Derin, S. Ercayhan and O. Yucel

        Session Chairpersons: C.S. Mahony & Z. Rustomjee
A Practice of Ferroalloy Production in an "Environment-Friendly and Recycling" Way
        J. Song and G. Kang
Optimising the Effective Use of Energy in the Ferroalloy Industry through Innovative Technology
        J.G. Roos and A.M. Hearn
Electrical Energy Management in the Ferroalloy Business
        M.S. Rennie, P.J. Brereton-Stiles and N. Singh
Theory and Application of Magnesia Ramming Material in Ferroalloy Refining Furnaces
        S. Wang, Y. Jin and G. Li

        Session Chairpersons: P.C. Pistorius & N. Sano
Thermodynamics Applied to Ferro-Alloys Smelting (Keynote)
        J. Lehmann, H. Gaye and F. Bonnet
Recent Developments in Physico-chemical Characterisation and Modelling of Ferroalloy Slag Systems (Keynote)
        S. Jahanshahi, S. Sun and L. Zhang
New Findings in Research of Solid Phase Reactions in Chromite Ore Reduction Processes
        A.V. Roschin, V.N. Karnoukhov, V.E. Roschin and N.V. Malkov
Splash Generation and Formation of Surface Waves in a Bottom Blown Ferroalloy Refining Vessel
        G. Akdogan and R.H. Eric

        Session Chairpersons: W.J. Rankin & Q. Roux
Improvement of High-temperature Electric Characteristics of Manganese Ores
        Y. Miyauchi, T. Nishi, K. Saito and Y. Kizu
Rate Control Mechanism in Solid State Decarburization of Ferromanganese
        P.J. Bhonde and R.D. Angal
Reduction of Manganese Ores by Methane-Containing Gas
        O.Ostrovski, N. Anacleto and S. Ganguly
Phase Equilibria in High MgO Ferro- and Silico-Manganese Smelting Slags
        B. Zhao, E. Jak and P. Hayes

        Session Chairpersons: R.B. Nourse & N.M. O'Brien
The Transformation of Ferrochromium Smelting Technologies During the Last Decades (Keynote)
        J. Daavittila, M. Honkaniemi and P. Jokinen
New Trends in Submerged Arc Furnace Technology
        J. Kunze and R. Degel
Developments in Furnace Technology for Ferro-Nickel Production
        N. Voermann, T. Gerritsen, I. Candy, F. Stober and A. Matyas
Metallurgical Characteristics of the MEFOS 3 MW DC arc furnace
        G. Ye, J. Alexis and E. Burstr”m

        Session Chairpersons: J.A. Bakken & M.A. Reuter
The Application of Numerical Modelling to the Design of Electric Furnaces (Keynote)
        L.H. Gunnewiek, L. Oshinowo, T. Plikas and R. Haywood
DC Furnace Containment Vessel Design using Computational Fluid Dynamics
        B. Henning, M. Shapiro and L.A. le Grange
A Finite Element Model of a Soderberg Electrode with an Application in Casing Design
        I. Mc Dougall, C.F.R. Smith, B. Olmstead and W.A. Gericke
Mathematical Model of Heat and Mass Transfer in the Steel Belt Sintering Process
        L. Hekkala, T. Fabritius and J. H„rkki

        Session Chairpersons: P.C. Hechter & B. Madelin
The Development and Application of a HCFeMn Furnace Simulation Model for Assmang Ltd.
        B.R. Broekman and K.J.R. Ford
Computer Simulation of the Equilibrium Relations Associated with the Production of Manganese Ferroalloys
        K. Tang and S.E. Olsen
Use of Comilog Ore in Ferromanganese Production
        M. Tangstad, P. Calvert, H. Brun and A.G. Lindseth
The Smelting of Manganese Carbonate Ore
        P. O'Shaughnessy, J.K. Kim and B.W. Lee

        Session Chairpersons: P.C. Hayes & O. Raaness
Reductant Characterisation and Selection - Implications for Ferroalloys Processing (Keynote)
        V. Sahajwalla, M. Dubikova and R. Khanna
The Characterisation of Carbon Reductants in the Metallurgical Industry - A Case Study
        R. Falcon, V. du Cann, D. Comins, R. Erasmus, P. den Hoed and A. Luckos
The Behaviour of Coke in Submerged Arc Furnace Smelting of Ferromanganese
        S. Kamalpour and W.J. Rankin
Use of Charcoal in Silicomanganese Production
        B. Monsen, M. Tangstad and H. Midtgaard

        Session Chairpersons: B. Olmstead & M. Shapiro
Arc-Electrode Interactions in Silicon and Ferrosilicon Furnaces
        G. Saevarsdottir, M.Th. Jonsson and J.A.Bakken
Simulation of the Electric Field in a Submerged Arc Furnace
        M. Dhainaut
Sensitivity Analysis of a Dynamic Model for Submerged Arc Silicon Furnaces
        B.F. Lund, B.A. Foss, K.R. Lov†sen and B.E. Ydstie
Electrometallurgical Relationships in Electric Smelting Furnaces
        J. Persson and N.G. Bliss

        Session Chairpersons: B.R. Broekman & D.B. Wellbeloved
Silicomanganese Production - Process Understanding
        S.E. Olsen and M. Tangstad
Optimisation of SiMn Production at Transalloys
        K. Bisaka, J. Griesel and P.H.F. Bouwer
Factors Affecting Silicomanganese Production Using Manganese Rich Slag in the Charge
        M. Eissa, A. Fathy, A. Ahmed, A. El-Mohammady and K. El-Fawakhry
The Production of Refined Ferromanganese at Cato Ridge Alloys
        R. Burger and M Masukawa

        Session Chairpersons: S. Basista & A.J. Dzermejko
Monitoring and Control of Furnace 1 Freeze Lining at Tasmanian Electro-Metallurgical Company
        A. de Kievit, S. Ganguly, P. Dennis and T. Pieters
The Truths and Myths of Freeze Lining Technology for Submerged Arc Furnaces
        P.L. Duncanson and J.D. Toth
"Freeze" Lining on M12 Furnace: Motivation, Installation and Operation
        A.M. Hearn, A.S.J. van Rensburg and J.R. Henning
Application of a High-Intensity Cooling System to DC-Arc Furnace Production of Ferrocobalt at Chambishi
        L.R. Nelson, R. Sullivan, P. Jacobs, E. Munnik, P. Lewarne, E. Roos, M.J.N. Uys, B. Salt, M. de Vries, K. McKenna, N. Voermann and B.O. Wasmund

        Session Chairpersons: J.P. McLaughlan & P. Ryan
Emerging Steel and Specialty Steel Grades and Production Technologies - Impacts on the Selection and Use of Ferroalloys (Keynote)
        R. Dippenaar
Preliminary Investigations of Low-Nickel Stainless Steels for Structural Applications
        J. Kerr and R. Paton
An Overview of Current Manganese and Chromium Ferroalloy Production in Russia
        L.A. Smirnov, V.I. Zhuchkov, E.I. Arzamastsev and A.A. Babenko
Chromium Use by Market in the United States
        J.F. Papp

        Session Chairpersons: C. Aldrich & J.A.M. Rademan
Rapid Sensors for Ferroalloy Production and Processing (Keynote)
        M. Iwase, A. McLean, K. Katogi and K. Wakimoto
Towards Predictive Control of Ferroalloy Furnaces: Combining Thermochemistry, Inventory Modelling and Systems Engineering
        J.J. Eksteen, S.J. Frank and M.A. Reuter
Integrated Furnace Controls: Implementation on a Covered-Arc (Shielded Arc) Furnace at Cerro Matoso
        J. Janzen, T. Gerritsen, N. Voermann, E.R. Veloza and R.C. Delgado

        Session Chairpersons: H. Johansson & J. Kerr
Melting and Densification of Electrode Paste Briquettes in Soderberg Electrodes
        B. Larsen, J.P.M. Amaro, S.Z. Nascimento, K. Fidje and H. Gran
Insights into the Influences of Paste Additions and Levels on S”derberg Electrode Management
        L.R. Nelson and F.X. Prins

        Session Chairpersons: W.A. Gericke & M. Huvinen
Chemical Risk Assessment at the International Programme on Chemical Safety (Keynote)
        A. Aitio
Human Health Risk Assessment for Metallic Chromium and Trivalent Chromium in Accordance with European Union Legislation
        M. Luotamo and V. Riihim„ki
Hexavalent Chromium Air Dispersion Modelling in the South African Ferrochromium Industry
        L.W. Burger

        Session Chairpersons: J. Brosnan & J-P. Bucher
Reaction Mechanisms of Charcoal and Coke in the Silicon Process
        E.H. Myrhaug, J. Kr. Tuset and H. Tveit
Low-Silicon Ferrosilicon Production from Iron Ore Materials in an Oxygen Reactor
        A.V. Pavlov, K.L. Kossyrev, A.E. Semin, A. Korostylev and V.A. Grygorian
Controlled Solidification of Ferrosilicon
        E. Ott and L. Arnberg
Casting and Cooling/Crushing of Silicon Metal and Silicon Alloy at B‚cancour Silicon Inc.
        R. Boisvert, D. Leblanc, D. Ksinsik and C. Roche
The New Copper Casting-Machine: Experiences at Ferroatlantica
        J. Bull˘n and A. More

        Session Chairpersons: J.P.W. Bennie & P-A. Lundstrom
"Induref" - Induction Ladle Refining Furnace for Secondary Metallurgical Applications
        M. Bhandari and D. Norval
Induction Melting of Ferro-Alloy Fines
        C. Lemire and A. Biscaro
Post Taphole Practices Adding Value
        H. Hearnden
Atomisation of Ferroalloys
        J.J. Dunkley and D. Norval
The Recovery of Chrome and Manganese Alloy Fines from Slag
        J.H. van Reenen, H. Thiele and C. Bergman

        Session Chairpersons: J. Basson & A.P. Riley
Distributed Compositional and Temperature Nature of Melts in Submerged and Open Arc Furnaces in High Carbon Ferrochrome Production
        J.J. Eksteen, S.J. Frank and M.A. Reuter
Technological Change Yields Beneficial Process Improvement for Low Carbon Ferrochrome at Zimbabwe Alloys
        N.R. Shoko and J. Chirasha
Effect of Chrome Ore Quality on Ferrochrome Production Efficiency
        M.H.Farjadi and J.Azari
Air Quality Management in the North West Province of South Africa - A Successful Partnership with Industry
        W. Bryszewski and J. Visser
Ultrafine Particles: Aggravating Exposure Factor?
        W.C.A. van Niekerk and M.H. Fourie
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