Infacon XIII

Infacon XIII

Almaty, Kazakhstan, 9-12 June 2013

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Table of Contents

        On the role of ferroalloys in steelmaking
        L. Holappa and S. Louhenkilpi
        Aspects of DC chromite smelting at Mintek - An overview
        I.J. Geldenhuys

Agglomeration of refractory chromite ore
      AA Akberdin, AS Kim, and RA Akberdin

Methods of manganese ore thermal-treatment prior to smelting - what to choose
      Y Gordon and J Nell

Technical development of ferrosilicon manganese production in ore-smelting electric furnaces with using of manganese magnesia agglomerate
      VS Kutsin, VI Olshanskiy, UB Dedov, I Philipov, MI Gasik, MM Gasik, AN Ovcharuk, and OI Polyakov

Use of radox XPF sorters: experience at TATA steel
      S Mohanan, G Saxena, CR Kumar, M Naik, and A Kumar

Aspects of DC chromite smelting at Mintek - An overview
      IJ Geldenhuys

Production low-carbon ferrochrome with low content of phosphorus using the complex reducer
      EN Akimov, YI Voronov, AV Senin, and VE Roschchin

New process for sintering chromite concentrate with continuous-strand sinter machine
      H Wang, X Wang, Y Lang, and S Chu

Granulation of ferroalloys - results from industrial operations and comparative study on fines generation
      P Vesterberg, K Beskow, and C-J Rick

Cliffs chromite - A North American intergrated producer
      MH Cramer

Ferro chrome production in Albania
      H Mueller, A Vangjeli, R Lurf, and C Reld

Physicochemical features of chromite elements reduction kinetics in ferro-alloy electric furnaces
      OV Zayakin, VI Zhuchkov, VI Afanasiev, and AV Dolmatov

Ferrosilicon chrome production technology/practices effect on the quality of low ferrochrome
      J Charasha

A process for the recovery of chromium and iron oxide in high carbon ferro chrome slag to obtain chromium and iron in the form of saleable metal
      CN Harman and NSS Rama Rao

Adjustment of high carbon ferrochrome composition in DC furnaces
      O Privalov, Ye Abdulabekov, Zh Nurmukhanbetov, M Kospanov, and Zh Mussabekov

Properties of chromite ores from Ferbasa and their effect on Cr-losses to slag during HCFeCr production at Ferbasa
      E Ringdalen, M Rocha, JR Neto, and T Malvik

The thermal diffusivity of raw materials for ferromanganese production
      M Ksiazek, T Manik, M Tangstad, and E Ringdalen

Melting and reduction of manganese sinter and pellets
      T Brynjulfsen and M Tangstad

Operational improvement of a submerged arc furnace in Kashima works (KF-1)
      H Takahashi, K Ichihara, and T Homma

Extraction of manganese from the slag of silicothermal reduction of metallic manganese
      VY Dashevskiy, AA Aleksandrov, AG Kanevskiy, and LI Leontiev

Improved safety for manganese alloy smelting
      PA Eidem, KA Egeland, and D Baumann

Purity requirements for Mn-alloys for producing high manganese TRIP and TWIP steels
      J Safarian and L Kolbeinsen

Agglomeration of charge in ferromanganese submerged arc furnaces
      D Slizovskiy and M Tangstad

Study of SiMn production in pilot scale experiments- comparing Carajas sinter and Assmang ore
      E Ringdalen and M Tangstad

Manganese ore and alloys piloting tools at Eramet Research
      G Nussbaum, A Amalric, and A Soller

Electromagnetic level profile measurement system at Vale Onca Puma ferronickel smelter improves safety and enhances process control decision making
      N Brodgen, P Jakobsson, P Bloemer, A Lyons, C Doyle, R Aquino, RJ Dijkhuis, and E Floch

New method to produce FeNi nuggets from low grade ore by semi-molten reduction
      X Lu, E Guo, Q Yuan, C Pan, and M Liu

Refining of ferronickel
      C Redl, M Pfenning, R Kristl, S Fritsch, and H Muller

Nickel pig iron production from lateritic nickel ores
      H Yildirim, H Morcali, A Turan, and O Yucel

Desulphurization of crude ferronickel, high sulfur content in ladle furnace
      F Hernandez and M Nejarda

Engineered metallurgical silicon (EMS) - an alternative to mechanically milled silicon and a method to recycle waste
      FA Weber, L Parous, and VD de Oliveira

Phase chemistry of digout samples from ferrosilicon furnace
      J Nell and C Joubert

Production of SiO gas in the silicon process
      S Bao, M Tangstad, K Tang, and E Ringdalen

Condensate in the metallurgical silicon process reaction mechanisms
      J Vangskasen and M Tangstad

Innovative electric smelter solutions of the sms group for the ferroalloys and Si-Metal industry
      R Degel, T Germershausen, R Northemann, and M Koneke

New trends in technology of FeSiAl-(Kazakhstanskyi) alloy
      NA Nazarbaev

Evaluation of physical and chemical properties of charge materials from the point of possibility of receiving the alloy of alumosilicomanganese
      Ye Mukhambetgaliyev, S Baysanov, A Baysanov, N Yugay, D Zhiembaeva, and V Tolokonnikova

Boron in ferroalloy production
      AA Akhberdin, AS Kim, OY Ilmaz, GMEM Isletmeleri, and VI Zhuchkov

Innovation in ferroalloys process technologies
      T Germershausen, J Bader, J Reichel, and U Gerike

Implementation of the technology of slag separation at Nikopol ferroalloy plants
      VS Kutsin, VI Olshanskiy, UB Dedov, MI Gasik, and AN Oveharuk

Damage caused by the east Japan earthquake and recovery from this disaster at the Kashima works, Chuo Denki Kogyo Co.,Ltd
      N Ito, S Tsukuda, A Kato, and S Kurihara

The safe and efficient way of cooling: iltec-ionic liquid cooling technology
      S Konetschnik, A Filzwieser, and I Filzwieser

Improved furnace cooling water pressure leak detection system at Vale
      B Bussell, J Janzen, M St.Amant, R Miron, M Emond, W Braun, and T Gerritsen

Evaluation of HCFeMn and SiMn slag taphole performance using CFD and thermochemical property modelling for CaO-MnO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO slag
      J Muller and JD Steenkamp

Magnesia-carbon refractory lining for ferronickel converters optimization and lining improvements at Newco Ferronikeli (Cosovo)
      T Schemmel, L Schade,P Kouzoupis, and F Beqiri

Improved furnace lining performance at Yiwang Ferroalloys
      P O'Shaughnessy, Dai Wei, K Gouxhu, and P Sylven

Ferroalloy off-gas systems: From design to implementation and design verification process
      P Roberts, L Els, S Noakes, and B de Montard

Development of a camera-baked Soderberg electrode slip measurement device
      DT Jordan and CJ Hockaday

Developments in advanced furnace control
      S Strydom and I McDougall

Design of direct current furnace power 6.4 MW for silicon reduction. Its electrodes refractory work, control regimes and summary of manufacturing
      N Sergey

Circulating currents in the delta connection, feasibility of skew tapping in the operation of submerged-arc furnaces
      G Saevarsdottir, P Manolescu, T Magnusson, and K Sugurjonsson

Minimizing thermal stress during shutdown of Soderberg electrodes
      B Larsen, H Feldborg, and SA Halvorsen

Possible use of natural gas for silicon or ferrosilicon production
      B Monsen, L Kolbeinsen, S Prytz, V Myrvagnes, and K Tang

Reducibility and electric resistance of carbonaceous materials within ferrroalloy smelting processes
      Zh Nurmukhanbetov, O Privalov, and L Prokopyev

Strength, micro-strenth and microstructure of carbonaceous material
      X Xing, G Zhang, G Ciezki, M Dell' Amoico, and O Ostrovski

Research of reducing ability of carbon reductants for ferroalloy production by dilatometric method
      AV Pavlov, AS Kazakov, OV Chadaeva, and YV Shurigina

Production of special kinds of carbonaceous reducing agents for ferroalloy smelting
      SG Grischenko, MI Gasik, AN Ovcharuk, YV Filatov, and MY Garsht

Effect of coke's texture on electrical behavior
      A Heikkila,J Pussinen, O Mattila, and T Fabritius

Carbon reductant for silicon metal production
      V Kim, M Tolymbekov, S Kim, G Ulyeva, and S Kudarinov

Solid phase reduction of iron and chromium in the crystal lattice of ferrihrompikotit
      KT Akhmetov and VE Roschin

Evaluation of gaseous dynamic behaviour of raw materials and charge for HC ferrochrome production
      Zh Nurmukhanbetov, O Privalov, and L Prokopyev

The influence of CaCO3 additional and clay binder selection on electricity efficiency and other operational aspects during pre-reduction of pelletised chromite
      JP Beukes, BW Neizel, ELJ Kleynhans, PG Van Zyl, and NF Dawson

Properties of Nchwaning and Gloria ore in the production of Mn ferro-alloys
      M Visser, H Smith, E Ringdalen, and M Tangstad

Effect of CaF2 on the reduction rate of MnO in CaO-SiO2-MnO slag by SiMn melt
      JH Heo, SD Jeon, SC Shim, and JH Park

Reducing dephosphorization of SiMnAlloy by CaO-CaF2 slag and the stability of Ca3P2 in slag under atmospheric cooling conditions
      JH Shin, and JH Park

Physicochemical properties of MnO-based slags for the production of manganese ferroalloys
      JI Park

Potassium distribution between liquid Mn-Fe-C alloys and MnO-SiO2-CaO slags
      K Tang, E Ringdalen, M Tangstad, and S Olsen

Phase equilibrium thermodynamics in binary systems
      S Baisanov

Mechanism of carbothermic reduction of Mn oxide powder
      HK Shin, BD Lee, HS Lee, and YE Lee

Method of complex estimation of manganese raw material
      AV Zhadanov, VI Zhuchkov, and VY Dashevskiy

Comparative study of features of partial solidphase metalling of manganese by thermal treatment of different types of manganiferous raw materials
      SG Grischenko

Manganese alloys production: Impact of chemical compositions of raw materials on the energy and materials balance
      M Kalenga, P Xiaowei, and M Tangstand

Novel technology to produce ferromanganese alloy from steelmaking slag
      S Kim, H Shibata, S Kiramura, and K Yamaguchi

The diagram of phase structure of the oxide system MnO-MgO-CaO-SiO2-Al2O3
      MZh Tolymbekov

Corrosion of taphole carbon refractory by CaO-MnO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO slag from a SiMn production furnace
      JD Steenkamp, M Tangstad, PC Pistorius, H Molnas, and J Muller

Extraction of iron from bakal siderite by means of selective reduction in complex oxide crystal lattice
      SP Salikhov, VE Roshchin, and AV Roshchin

Selective extraction of metals from complex ores
      VE Roshchin and AV Roshchin

Characterisation and reduction of high-silicon ironstone ore by CO gas
      S Maroufi, G Ciezki, M Tangstad, S Jahanshahi, and O Ostrovski

Carbothermal reduction high-silicon of ironstone ore
      S Maroufi, G Ciezki, M Tangstad, S Jahanshahi, and O Ostrovski

The recovery of ferro-nickel from saprolite ores using reduction roasting
      J Chen, E Jak and PC Hayes

High temperature phase equilibria in nickel-containing oxide and silicate systems
      J Chen, V Prostakova, PC Hayes, SA Decterov, and E Jak

Boron and calcium refining of ferrosilicon by slag treatment
      LK Jacobsson and M Tangstad

Carbothermal reduction of silica in nitrogen and nitrogen-hydrogen mixture
      X wan, G Zhang, O Ostrovski, and H Aral

Stepwise carbothermal reduction of bauxite ores
      CH Yeh and G Zhang

The main reasons to develop an improved casting process for silicon- new requirements for working environment, increased post taphole yield and product quality
      MF Moll, KH Berget, E Myrhaug, M Onsoien, and H Tveit

Phase diagram structure of the system Cr-Fe-Al and Cr-Fe-Si
      Ye Shabanov, S Baisanov, A Chekimbacv, and D Zhaksylykov

Theoretical and practical aspects of smelting new complex alloy-alumosilicomanganese with calcium
      A Baisanov, A Kopabaev, S Baisanov, M Tolymbekov, and M Dzhundibaev

Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of ferro silicon titanium
      KR Shaymardanov, IM Shatokhin, and IR Manashev

Optimization of physicochemical characteristics of chromium ferro-alloys
      VI Zhuchkov, NA Andreev, and RI Gulyaeva

A new process to produce 300 series stainless steel with electrosilicothermic method
      C Peixian, C Shaojun, and W Haijuan

Mathematical model for fast computation of erosion profile in submerged arc furnace with freeze lining
      H Dong and C Shaojun

Process optimisation model for FeMn and SiMn production
      E Jipnang, P Monheim, and H Oterdoom

Computational modelling of submerged arc furnace burden behaviour
      QG Reynolds and K Bisaka

Evaporation of silicon as the basis for its sublimation purification
      VP Malyshev, NS Bekturganov, AM Turdukozhayeva, MZh Tolymbekov, and SV Kim

Water model study on mixing time in shaking ladle
      N Shanqiang, C Shaojun, Z Jun, and L Zhongsi

Pre-reduction of ilmenite with natural gas-model development and use
      S Lobo, L Kolbeinsen, and S Seim

Numerical model of two-phase flow in Creusot-Loire Uddeholm (CLU) converter
      T Nyashanu, G Akdogan, RH Eric, and P Taskinen

Online gas characterization by advanced spectrometry
      TA Aarhaug, A Ferber, O Kjos, and B Wittgens

Andalusite as slag conditioner in ferrochrome production: A case study in techno-economic modelling
      MW Erwee

Process modelling and testing methods for evaluating ferroalloy furnace off-gas waste energy
      L Els, N Andrew, and S Noakes

Ferroalloy off-gas systems waste energy recovery: Options and applications
      L Els, N Andrew, T Johannes, S Noakes, and J Wingard

Energy mapping of industrial ferroalloys plants
      Y Ladam, M Tangstad, and B Ravary

Opportunities to reduce carbon foot print in high carbon ferro chrome production process in a submerged arc furnace
      L Samaradivakera and GP Sahu

Ecoplants technologies- ecologic and economic solutions for the ferroalloy industry
      C Frohling, R Degel, and M Babel

Fume characterization in the ferroalloy industry
      I Kero, M Naess, and G Tranell

Experimental study of rate of silica fume formation from active oxidation of liquid silicon
      MK Naess, N Smith, G Tranell, and JE Olsen

Analysis of a ferromanganese secondary fume extraction system to improve design methodologies
      L Els, P Cowx, R Nordhagen, G Kornelius, N Andrew, and P Smith

China's environmental targets for sustainable growth and the technological challenges for the ferroalloys industry
      M Louhi and P Tang

Design of secondary fume capturing hood for casting hall of a SiMn production plant
      M Kadkhodabeigi and D Haaland

Development of a CFD model for improvement of an interior environment in metallurgical industries: Modelling
      B Panjwani, H Midtdal, B Ravary, M Kadkodabeigi, and R Nordhagen

Challenges in rendering CO-rich gas from sumerged arc furnaces sufficiently clean for CO-generation application
      J Vehvilainen

Guidelines for sizing baghouse filters used for ferroalloy and silicon metal furnace application
      FD Fereday, L Raath, and B de Montard

Progress in recycling sludges from off-gas cleaning of manganese alloy furnace
      B Ravary, L Hunsbedt, and O Kristensen

NOx-Emissions from the silicon process comparing wet and dry raw materials pilot scale experiments
      I Solheim and NE Kamfjord

Hot gas cleaning of furnace off-gases
      PJ Jonker

The recovery of manganese and generation of a valuable residue from ferromanganese slags by a hydrometallurgy route
      DR Groot, DM Kazadi, H Pollmann, JPR de Villers, T Redtmann, and J Steenkamp

Metallurgical silicon from high purity sand critical issues and potential development
      L Parous and VD de Oliveira

Wastes of the ferroalloy production are raw materials for the chemical branch of industry
      SM Isabaev, KhM Kuzhgibekova, EV Zhinova, and TA Zikanova

Establishment of innovative production and renovation of in-progress production as basis for strategic positioning of KNC Kazchchrome JSC chromium alloys market
      V Til, O Privalov, M Kospanov, A Razin, N Nurgali, and Zh Musabekov

On the role of ferroalloys in steelmaking
      L Holappa and S Louhenkilpi
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