Infacon XV

Infacon XV

Cape Town, South Africa, 25-28 February 2018

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      Chairs: Rodney Jones, Isabel Geldenhuys, and Quinn Reynolds

Changing nickel and chromium stainless steel markets
      H.H. Pariser, N.R. Backeberg, O.C.M. Masson, and J.C.M. Bedder

Climate change: threats, realities, and promises
      R. Scholes

European waste to product concepts - iron-based alloys from electric arc furnaces
      B. Friedrich, B.S. Xakalashe, H. Lucas, M. Köneke, and D. Offenthaler

Tariff developments for electricity-intensive industry in South Africa
      C.S. Mahony and J.M. Baartman

Sustainability and circular economy - Why and how for ferro-alloy manufacturing
      R.H. Eric

      Chair: Quinn Reynolds
Fluxing of South African chromite ore with colemanite
      M.W. Erwee, I.J. Geldenhuys, M.B. Sitefane, and M. Masipa
Dissolution and reduction of chromite ore in ferrochromium slags
      C.S. Kucukkaragoz and R.H. Eric

      Chair: Paul Beukes
Reduction of chromium oxide and ore by methane-containing gas mixtures
      N.M. Anacleto, I. Solheim, B. Sørensen, E. Ringdalen, and O. Ostrovski
Reduction of Kemi chromite with methane
      M. Leikola, P. Taskinen, and R.H. Eric
NaOH-assisted direct reduction of Ring of Fire chromite ores, and the associated implications for processing
      S. Sokhanvaran, D. Paktunc, and A. Barnes
Determination of degree of metallization of prereduced chromite with image and Rietveld analysis
      T. Leino, P. Taskinen, and R.H. Eric

      Chair: Robert Cromarty
The effect of Mg and Al impurities on the carburization of chromite by Ar-CH4-H2 gas mixtures
      V. Canaguier, I-H. Svenum, and L. Kolbeinsen
Dam-ring formation in chromite pre-reduction rotary kilns - influence of pulverised carbonaceous fuel and ore composition
      Y. van Staden, J.P. Beukes, P.G. van Zyl, E. Ringdalen, M. Tangstad, E.L.J. Kleynhans, and J.R. Bunt

      Chair: Merete Tangstad
Mechanism and kinetic modelling of methane-based reduction of Mamatwan manganese ore
      A. Bhalla and R.H. Eric
Chemical, microstructural, and phase changes of manganese ores in calcination and pre-reduction by natural gas
      A. Cheraghi, H. Yoozbashizadeh, and J. Safarian

      Chair: Ferdus le Roux
Constructing and commissioning Malaysia's most advanced ferromanganese smelter complex
      W.D. Moolman and A.A. van Niekerk
Manganese ore pre-reduction using a rotary kiln to manufacture super-low-phosphorus ferromanganese
      D. Teguri, K. Saito, and Y. Miyauchi

      Chair: Johan Gous
Reduction rates of MnO and SiO2 in SiMn slags between 1500 and 1650°C
      P.P. Kim, T.A. Larssen, and M. Tangstad
Reduction rate of MnO from two different manganese ores producing ferromanganese
      D.M. Ngoy, M. Tangstad, and M. Kalenga
Silicothermic reduction behaviour of MnO in MnO-SiO2-MO-CaF2 (M=Ca or Ba) slags
      J.H. Heo, T.S. Kim, and J.H. Park

      Chair: Harmen Oterdoom
Properties of freeze linings formed during the production of manganese ferro-alloys
      P. O'Shaughnessy
TEMCO F1 operation on freeze lining 2001-2017
      S. Pal and G. Ciezki
The workability index of three tap-hole clays
      J.D. Steenkamp, M. Mnisi, and A. Skjeldestad
Monolithic furnace linings for production of ferro-alloys
      L.H. Lindstad and S. Aursjo

      Chair: Hanlie Kotze
Furnace integrity of ferro-alloy furnaces - symbiosis of process, cooling, refractory lining, and furnace design
      R. Degel, T. Lux, H. Joubert, A. Filzwieser, C. Ruhs, and A. van Niekerk
Refractory corrosion mechanisms in ilmenite smelters: New perspectives for future linings
      W.M. Silva, O. Nedok, A. Spanring, K. Reinharter, and D. Gregurek
ILTEC - A Revolutionary and safe cooling solution for ferro-alloy furnaces
      R. Degel, R. Nörthemann, T. Lux, M. Hanel, A. Filzwieser, and A. van Niekerk
Effect of high alkali content in ferrosilicomanganese smelting slags on slag properties and on the destruction of furnace lining
      M.M. Gasik, M.I. Gasik, and S.P. Shuvaev
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