Thermo is a quick and convenient software package for thermodynamic calculations - for single species and chemical reactions. It has a built-in user-extendable database containing thermodynamic data for over 800 chemical and mineral species. Reactions can be entered with full editing facilities. Thermo checks the balance and tabulates or graphs CP, Delta H, Delta S, Delta G, K, in J, kWh, and cal.

The program is very useful for energy-balance calculations. It directly calculates the energy effects of chemical reactions, or processes represented as chemical reactions. For example, the combustion of propane with 10% excess air, both initially at 25°C, can be represented by:
C3H8 + 11/2 O2 + 20.7 N2 = 3 CO2 + 4 H2O + 1/2 O2 + 20.7 N2
The calculation shows that this process releases 4.93 kWh per kg of propane, if the combustion products are exhausted at 1300°C.

The database can be easily extended or modified, keeping all required data in one convenient place. The size of the database is not limited by the amount of memory (RAM) in the computer - Thermo keeps the data you use most frequently in memory and dynamically loads other data as needed, updating the data in memory via a least-recently-used algorithm.

Thermo relieves the tedium of chemical thermodynamics and energy balance calculations. The calculations can be done reliably, consistently, and rapidly, leaving the user more time to interpret and apply the results. Thermo combines the ease of use of menus with the speed and convenience of a command-driven user interface. On-line context-sensitive help is available. All session information is preserved - enabling the user to carry on working where he left off.

Thermo was first developed by Rodney Jones & Wolf Meihack in 1985, and has been available commercially since 1990.

A companion program to Thermo (Density: a mineral density database) makes it easy to find the relative density of most known minerals (over 1400 of them). The mineral data can be viewed in order of increasing density (as it appears in the data file) or in alphabetical order.

Thermo v2.10 (for personal computers using the MS-DOS or Windows operating systems) is distributed by Philosoft CC, PO Box 4327, Randburg, 2125, South Africa.

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