Pyro 2006

Southern African Pyrometallurgy 2006 International Conference

Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, 5-8 March 2006

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R.T. Jones

Organizing Committee, International Advisers, and Referees, Session Chairpersons

Sulphuric Acid Manufacture (Keynote address)
W.G. Davenport, M.J. King, B. Rogers, & A. Weissenberger

Process Description and Abbreviated History of Anglo Platinum's Waterval Smelter
M. Jacobs

Mortimer Smelter: Operations Description
C. Sima & M. Legoabe

Process Description and Short History of Polokwane Smelter
R. Hundermark, B. de Villiers, & J. Ndlovu

Common-Sense Improvements to Electric Smelting at Impala Platinum
V. Coetzee

An overview of PGM Smelting in Zimbabwe - Zimplats Operations
L. Mabiza

Spinel Removal from PGM Smelting Furnaces
A.R. Barnes & A.F. Newall

New Opportunities - Exhaustive Monitored Copper Coolers for Submerged Arc Furnaces
M. Hopf & E. Rossouw

A Glimpse of Pyrometallurgy at Wits University
R.H. Eric

Research in Pyrometallurgy at the University of Pretoria, 1980-2005
P.C. Pistorius

A Review of Undergraduate Teaching and Postgraduate Research in Pyrometallurgy at the University of Stellenbosch
J.J. Eksteen

Pyrometallurgy at Mintek
R.T. Jones & T.R. Curr

Added Value Long Steel Products produced at MSSA Newcastle Works
V. Scholtz, D.S. Magudulela, F. van Zyl, A. Coetzee,
A. Humpel, C. Hill, & A.J. Potgieter

Practices and Design for Extending the Hearth life in the Mittal Steel Company Blast Furnaces
K. Spaleck, M. Schoeman, W. Seegers,
J. Bobek, W. Carter, & P. Chaubal

Heavy Mineral Processing at Richards Bay Minerals
G.E. Williams & J.D. Steenkamp

An overview of the Namakwa Sands Ilmenite Smelting Operations
M. Gous

Ilmenite Smelting at Ticor SA
H. Kotze, D. Bessinger, & J. Beukes

Recent Improvements at the BCL Smelter
M.T. Malema & A.C. Legg

Bindura Nickel Corporation Smelter Operations
E. Dzingayi

Transformation of the Palabora Copper Smelter from a Captive Smelter to a Toll/Custom Smelter
D. Brazier, W. Laing, & D. Nixon

Phasing out Reverberatory Furnace Operations at KCM Nkana
C.J. Cutler, M. Natarajan, E. Mponda, & J.J. Eksteen

The Beneficial Effects of Feeding Dry Copper Concentrate to Smelting Furnaces and Development of the Dryers
S.L. Chen & H. Mansikkaviita

An Overview of the Zincor Process
J.P. van Dyk

SA Calcium Carbide
J.M. Sabio & A.W. Stalberg

An Overview of the History and Current Operational Facilities of Samancor Chrome
M. Visser

Xstrata Alloys in Profile
O. Naiker & T. Riley

Zimbabwe Alloys: The First Fifty Years of Operation, Challenges, and Opportunities
J. Chirasha, N.R. Shoko, & M. Machikicho

Laboratory Investigations of the Electrical Resistivity of Cokes and Smelting Charge for Optimizing Operation in Large Ferrochrome Furnaces
H. Krogerus, T. Lintumaa, & P. Jokinen

Mintek Thermal Magnesium Process (MTMP): Theoretical and Operational Aspects
M. Abdellatif

Refining Testwork on Crude Magnesium Produced in the Mintek Thermal Magnesium Process
M. Abdellatif

Metallurgy From Above - A Google Earth Perspective
Q.G. Reynolds

Kyoto Carbon Credits
H. Immink

Pneumatic Injection of Solids into Pyrometallurgical Processes: Past, Present, and Future
J. Kirsch

Innovative and Safe Copper Launder Design
B. Leong & H. Joubert

Passion for Metals
T.A. Schreiter, J. Kempken, R. Degel, & H. Schmieden

Metix - company profile
P. Davies & R. Meyjes

Auburn Furnace Services
R.S. McDonald

Hatch Developments in Furnace Design in Conjunction with Smelting Plants in Africa
L.R. Nelson, J.M.A. Geldenhuis, B. Emery, M. de Vries, K. Joiner,
T. Ma, J. Sarvinis, F.A. Stober, R. Sullivan, N. Voermann,
C. Walker, & B. Wasmund

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