Pyro 2011

Southern African Pyrometallurgy 2011 International Conference

Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, 6-9 March 2011

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R.T. Jones

Organizing Committee, International Advisers, and Referees

Some considerations on future developments in ferro-alloy furnaces (Keynote address)
I.J. Barker

Some myths about DC arc furnaces
R.T. Jones, Q.G. Reynolds, T.R. Curr, & D. Sager

The dual-electrode DC arc furnace - modelling insights
Q.G. Reynolds

Application potential of SMS DC smelter technology for the pyrometallurgical industry in South Africa
R. Degel, K. Schmale, M. Koneke, & H. Schmieden

The history and development of the pyrometallurgical processes at Evraz Highveld Steel & Vanadium
W.S. Steinberg, W. Geyser, & J. Nell

Ferrochrome smelting and smelting capacity investment in Zimbabwe
J. Chirasha

Silicon processing: from quartz to crystalline silicon solar cells
B.S. Xakalashe & M. Tangstad

DC arc smelting of silicon: Is it technically feasible?
M. Abdellatif

Recent Improvements in the Kumera Steam Dryer
J. Talja, S. Chen, H. Mansikkaviita, & I. Kylmakorpi

Further Processing and granulation of slags with entrained metal and high metal compound content, with specific reference to present manganese slag dumps as well as additions due to daily production
D. Norval & R.E. Oberholster

Co-generation: A challenge for furnace off-gas cleaning systems
E.S. Schubert & R. Gottschling

Characterisation of SO2 in off-gas at Zimplats smelter
L. Mabiza, R. Picas, J. Nell, B. Matsetela, & G. Erasmus

The distribution of metallic elements in granulated nickel converter matte phases
E.L. Thyse, G. Akdogan, P. Taskinen, & J.J. Eksteen

Influence of slag composition on reduction control and operations of the slag-cleaning furnace at KCM, Zambia
H.M. Chikashi

Mineralogical solutions for pyrometallurgical problems
L. Andrews & P. den Hoed

The ROMA project (Resource Optimization and Recovery in the Material Industry) - a typical cooperation project in Norway
M. Tangstad

Pyrometallurgical Research at SINTEF and NTNU in Norway
E. Ringdalen & M. Tangstad

Cracking a hard nut: An overview of Lonmin's operations directed at smelting of UG2-rich concentrate blends
J.J. Eksteen, B. Van Beek, & G.A. Bezuidenhout

Bindura Nickel Smelter - from decommissioning, care and maintenance, to plant re-start
A. Mboma & K.D. Chitaukire

Implementation of an alternative matte-level measurement solution at Lonmin Marikana Smelter Division for improved process monitoring
T.J. Goff, N. Brogden, J.P. Nilsson, P. Bloemer, & A. Lyons

ISACONVERT - Continuous Converting of Nickel/PGM mattes
M.L. Bakker, S. Nikolic, A.S. Burrows, & G.R.F. Alvear

The smelting operations of Anglo American's platinum business: an update
R.J. Hundermark, S.B. Mncwango, L.P.vS. de Villiers, & L.R. Nelson

Blast furnace control using slag viscosities and liquidus temperatures with phase equilibria calculations
J. Muller & M. Erwee

Thermal conductivity of solidified manganese bearing slags - a preliminary investigation
J.D. Steenkamp, M. Tangstad, & P.C. Pistorius

The thermophysical properties of raw materials for ferromanganese production
M. Ksiazek, M. Tangstad, & E. Ringdalen

Chromite - A cost-effective refractory raw material for refractories in various metallurgical applications
N. McEwan, T. Courtney, R.A. Parry, & P. Knupfer

Interaction of MgO-MgR2O4 (R: Al, Cr, Fe) refractories with SO2-containing gases
N. Z. Fotoyi & R.H. Eric

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