Infacon XI

Infacon XI

New Delhi, India, 18-21 February 2007

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      TK Roy

South African's ferro alloys industry- Present status and future outlook
      J Basson, TR Curr, and WA Gericke

Innovations in ferro alloys technology in India
      CN Harman

CIS ferro alloys industry: Commercial opportunities, technical challenges and strategic implications
      K Ford, D Hobbs, and R Urquhart

Ferroalloy production and consumption in Turkey
      S Ayadin, E Ersundu, and O Yucel

Strength of chromite briquettes and its effect on smelting of charge chromite/ferro chrome
      CR Ray, PK Sahoo, and SS Rao

Use of sintered pellets in production of high carbon ferrochrome
      CN Harman and NSS Rama Rao

Factors affecting the reducibility of sintered chromite pellets and chromite lumpy ore
      T Lintumaa, H Krogerus, and P Jokinen

Various techniques to produce low carbon ferrochrome
      PJ Bhonde, AM Ghodgaonkar, and RD Angal

Reduction behaviour of chromite and NIO in liquid Fe-C alloys
      T Uzunoglu, B Derin, and O Yücel

The development of the Voskhod chrome project in Kazakhstan
      NA Barcza, M Boyes, NR Clarke, C Johnson, and AJ van der Merwe

The development and advantages of Xstrata's premus process
      O Naiker

Current and potential applications of fluid-bed technology in the ferroalloy industry
      A Luckos, G Denton, and P den Hoed

Microstructure changes of chromite reduced with CO gas
      Y Xiao, Y Yang, L Holappa, and R Boom

Influence of temperature and particle size on reduction of chromite ore
      D Chakraborty, S Ranganathan, and SN Sinha

Reduction of chromite ore at different flow rates of inert gas
      D Chakraborty, S Ranganathan, and SN Sinha

Assessment of viscosity of slags in ferrochromium process
      M Nakamoto, L Forsbacka, and L Holappa

Use of chemical energy in submerged arc furnace to produce ferrochrome: Prospects and limitations
      G Kapure, C Kari, S M Rao, and KS Raju

Production, characteristics and use of ferrochromium slags
      P Niemelä and M Kauppi

The build up of additional HCFeMn production capacity by the deepening of a furnace
      T Nishi, K Saitoh, and D Teguri

Design and operating features of new 27.36 MVA furnace at Nava Bharat ventures limited, Paloncha
      YP Rao, L Malakondaiah, and PC Sudhakar

High productivity operation of shaft-type Fe-Mn smelting furnace
      M Masukawa and T Shiota

Extraction of silicomanganese from marine and low grade mineral resources
      TC Alex, KM Godiwalla, S Kumar, and RK Jana

Metallurgical benefit of reactive high grade ore in manganese alloys manufacturing
      G Pochart, L Joncourt, N Touchard, and C Perdon

Reduction kinetics of manganese oxide from HCFeMn slags
      G Tranell, S Gaal, D Lu, M Tangstad, and J Safarian

Kinetics of reduction of different manganese ores
      M Kumar, S Ranganathan, and SN Sinha

Melting phenomena in ferromanganese production
      S Gaal, D Lou, S Wasbø, B Ravary, and M Tangstad

Carbothermic solid state reduction of manganese ores
      R Kononov, O Ostrovski, and S Ganguly

Degree of pre-reduction without coke consumption in industrial furnaces
      R Ishak and M Tangstad

A contemporary process to escalate Mn/C quotient of high carbon ferromanganese
      PJ Bhonde, RD Angal, and RH Tupkary

Development of a process for dephosphorisation of high carbon ferromanganese
      P N Chaudhary, RK Minj, and RP Goel

Charcoal for manganese alloy production
      B Monsen, M Tangstad, I Solheim, M Syvertsen, R Ishak, and H Midtgaard

Sulphur behaviour in ferromanganese smelting
      H Saridikmen, CS Kucukkaragoz, and RH Eric

The effect of graphite properties on the rate of MnO reduction from high carbon ferromanganese slag
      J Safarian, L Kolbeinsen, S Gaal, and G Tranell

The effect of alumina in ferromanganese slag
      K Tang and S Olsen

Modelling viscosities of ferromanganese slags
      K Tang and M Tangstad

Phase equilibria in K2O- containing manganese smelting slags
      B Zhao, S Ganguly, E Jak, and P Hayes

Ferrosilicon operation at IMFA- A critical analysis
      D Senapati, EVS Maheswar, and CR Ray

Advanced methods to characterize thermal properties of quartz
      K Aasly, T Malvik, and EH Myrhaug

A review of previous work on important properties of quartz for FeSi and Si metal production
      K Aasly, T Malvik, and EH Myrhaug

The importance of coal and coke properties in the production of high silicon alloys
      V Myrvågnes and T Lindstad

Improved SINTEF SiO-reactivity test
      T Lindstad, S Gaal, S Hansen, and S Prytz

Air pollution control system upgrade at Tubatse ferrochrome
      R Koekemoer, O Vorster, F Fereday, C Els, L Els, and C Coetzee

Environmental challenges for Norwegian Mn- industry
      L Hunsbedt, PM Cowx, R Flatabo, KE Johansen, and JA Bustnes

Greenhouse gas emissions from ferroalloy production
      T Lindstad, SE Olsen, G Tranell, T Faerden, and J Lubetsky

Key results of the initial environmental risk assessment for chromium III compounds and chromium metal
      E Pezennec

Reduction of emissions from ferroalloy furnaces
      S Gradahl, ST Johansen, B Ravary, B Andresen, and H Tveit

Criteria for utilization of by-products from the ferroalloy industry
      DA Baldwin, WA Gericke, N Potgieter, and WCA van Niekerk

Modelling combustion and thermal NOx formation in electric arc furnaces for the production of ferrosilicon and silicon-metal
      B Ravary, C Colomb, and ST Johansen

A feasibility study of recycling of manganese furnace dust
      R Shen, G Zhang, M Dell’Amico, P Brown, and O Ostrovski

Optimisation of specific power consumption in the production of ferrochrome alloys through rationalisation of charge distribution
      S Ranganathan

Modern practices of post top-hole operation in ferrochrome production and its advantages
      BB Singh, PG Suresh Kumar, and SK Mahata

The improvement to copper casting machine for ferroalloys
      J Bullon, A More, and JM Miguez

Introduction to Nuasahi chromite mine- an underground chromite mine
      VK Agrawal and RN Praharaj

Measurement of material resistivity and contact resistance of metallurgical coke
      PA Eidem, M Tangstad, and JA Bakken

Electric arc on a coke bed in a submerged arc furnace
      G Saevarsdottir, T Magnusson, and JA Bakken

The effect of potassium impregnation on the Boudourd reactivity of selected single-source and commercial cokes
      J Kaczorowski and T Lindstad

Interfacial phenomena and reaction kinetics between carbon and slag containing MnO
      MY Lone, H Sun, S Ganguly, and O Ostrovski

Design of a modern large capacity FeNi smelting plant
      R Degel, J Kempken, J Kunze, and R Konig

New generation contact shoes influence on the process
      C Roche

Finite element modelling of electric current in AC submerged arc furnace
      I McDougall

Furnace upgrade with hatch technology at PT Antham FeNi-II in Pomalaa, Indonesia
      F Stober, T Miraza, A Taofik Hidyat, I Jauhari, K Said, N Voermann, BO Wasmund, C Nichols, K Belanger, D Fowler, T Gerritsen, and A Matyas

Improving CFD analysis of DC furnace operation by refining and addition of transportation phenomena models
      B Henning, M Shapiro, and LA le Grange

Innovated solutions for automated charging and stoking
      J Dienenthal

Developments in copper cooler design for pyrometallurgical applications
      F Marx, M Shapiro, D Mitchell, and D Delport

Measurement and control of arcing in a submerged-arc furnace
      IJ Barker, MS Rennie, CJ Hockaday, and PJ Brereton-Stiles

Thermal effects on carbon based electrodes close to a high current electric arc
      H Palsson, GA Saevarsdottir, MT Jonsson, and JA Bakken

A lining management system for submerged arc furnaces
      H Joubert, D Benade, W Burmeister, and L Meyer

Refractory lining failures in FeCr furnaces an overview
      AVL Narasimham

Micropore carbon furnace lining
      J Tomala and S Basista

Refractory design effect on submerged arc furnace life and production performance- The Zimbabwe alloys experience
      J Chirasha and NR Shoko

Electrode management- Investigation into soft breaks at 48MVA FeCr closed furnace
      CR Ray, PK Sahoo, and SS Rao

Electrode erosion in submerged arc furnace
      G Saevarsdottir, H Palsson, MP Jonsson, and JA Bakken

Latest electrode technology delivering improved electrode performance in submerged arc furnace
      H van der Bijl, A Carpenter, S Rogers, and E Sidorski

Carbon analysis at FerroAtlantica I+D
      J Bullon and A Perez

A twin-cathode DC arc smelting test at Mintek to demonstrate the feasibility of smelting FeNi from calcine prepared from siliceous laterite ores fro Kazakhstan for Oriel resources PLC
      IJ Reinecke and H Lagendijk

Role of operational support in ramp-up of the FeNi-II furnace at PT Antam in Pomalaa
      LR Nelson, JMA Geldenhuis, T Miraza, T Badrujaman, A Taofik Hidyat, I Jauhari, FA Stober, N Voermann, BO Wasmund, and EJM Jahnsen

Pyrometallurgical treatment of titanomagnetite ore from the rural region
      AV Roschin and VE Roschin

Electro smelting of ilmenite for production of TiO2 slag - Potential of India as a global player
      CVGK Murty, R Upadhyay, and S Asokan

Application of Ucar Chill Kote lining to ilmenite smelting
      C Coetzee, PH Lamont, D Bessinger, J Rabe, J Zietsman, and J Muller

Internal logistics optimisation of ferroalloy manufacturing plant
      RK Mohapatra and KV Kumar

The market and cost environments for bulk ferroalloys
      A Jones

Changing requirements of ferroalloys for flat products - User's perspective
      PK Tripathy, C Bhanu, S Pathak, and AK Das

CFD modelling of the steel belt sintering process
      J Keihas, P Makela, J Ollila, and L Hekkala

Instrumentation and automation systems on performance of ferroalloys plants
      P Das, S Ghosh, and A Sengupta

Modelling of thermal profile in submerged -arc furnace and the influence of composition of ore on the thermal profile
      KM Godiwalla and S Ranganathan
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