Infacon XIV

Infacon XIV - The Fourteenth International Ferro-Alloys Congress

Kyiv, Ukraine, 1-4 June 2015

Cover, Preliminary pages, Contents

Technical and industrial developments in ferro-alloys in southern Africa
      NA Barcza and RT Jones

Ferroalloy industry of Ukraine: current status, development trends and future prospects
      Grishchenko S.G., Kutsin V.S., Kravchenko P.A., Soloshenko V.P., Bespalov O.L., Kudryavtsev S.L.

History and New milestones in submerged arc furnace technology for ferro alloy and silicon production
      Fröhling C., Meyn M., Degel R., Niekerk A.van., Köneke M.

Technology improvement of refractory chromiteores clotting
      Akberdin A., Kim A., Zinyakova O.

The development of fine manganese concentrate lumping technology at PJSC Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant
      Kutsin V.S.,Olshansky V.I., Filippov I.Yu., Chumakov A.A.

Resource saving in manganese ferroalloy production using low-grade manganese ore concentrates
      Proydak Y. S., Myanovskaya Y. V.

Charge and briquettes properties for the production of aluminum-silicon alloys
      Ovcharuk A.N., Taran A.,Krivenko V.V., Mingsheng Y.

Study of carbothermic reduction processes in the manufacture of high-carbon ferrochrome
      Zayakin O.V., Zhuchkov V.I., Afanasyev V.I.

Vacuum-thermal method of deep refining of ferrochromium in solid state
      Gasik M. I., Gasik M. M.

Implementation of Tenova pre-heating technology at JSC Kazchrome
      Jonker A.P., Broadbent M.

High carbon ferrochromium operational manageability while diversifying products
      Yavuzhan K.

Evaluation on heat and materials balance of CO2 involved in converter process for M-LcFeCr production
      Yu H. C., Wang H. J., XU Z. B.

Mastering of ferrosilicon manganese melting with highly reactive reducing agent
      Grishchenko S.G., Ovcharuk A.N., Olshansky V.I., Filippov I, Yu., Taran A.Yu., Chalenko V.I., Dudyak V.N., Pavlenko S.V.

Manganese ferroalloys production from Russian manganese ores
      Dashevskiy V.Ya., Zhdanov A.V., Zhuchkov V.I., Leontyev L.I.

The use of fine water sprays to suppress fume when casting refined ferromanganese
      Cowx P., Nordhagen R., Kadkhodabeigi M., Els L., Kero I.

The AlloyStream process for HCFeMn production
      Muller J., Coetsee T., Groenewald J.A., Toit de A.A. and Zeelie D.

Pretreatment unit in ferromanganese production
      Tangstad M., Ichihara K., Ringdalen E.

The determination of rational technological parameters of ferrosilicon manganese melting based on the process electrical characteristics
      Kutsin V.S., Gladkikh V.A., Olshansky V.I.,. Filippov I.Yu., Kyzmenko S.N,. Mikhalyov A.I,. Ruban A.V

Study on slag resistance of refractories in submerged arc furnaces melting ferronickel
      Dong Hu, Pei Xiao Liu, Shao Jun Chu

Innovative electric smelter solutions of the SMS Group for the silicon industry
      Degel R., Fröhling C., Kalisch M., Hecker E., Oterdoom H.

Production of molybdenum-, nickel-, chromium-containing iron-based alloys via metallothermic process
      Gungor M.N., Benzesik K., Bugdayci M., Yucel O.

Ferromolybdenum production according to silicoaluminthermal method: high quality, chemical and granulometric composition stability
      Kornievskiy V. N., Panchenko A. I., Logozinskiy I. N., Salnikov A. S., Gasik M. I., Shibeko P. A., Budnik I. L., Yakovitskiy A. V.

Search for a new compositions of boron-containing ferroalloys, their application and development of appropriate production techniques
      Zhuchkov V.I., Sychev A.V., Babenko A.A., Akberdin A.A., Kim A.S.

A step change in calcium carbide production technology
      McCaffrey M., Robinson S., Sizemore F., Kangmin X., Shiyun Z., Xiaojing Z., Shicheng L., Xiaowen J., Dengping Z.

A 90 MW calcium carbide furnace – process and electrical scale-up
      McCaffrey M., Kadar L., Dong J., Wasmund B., Robinson S., Wharton D.

Slag atomising technology: unlocking real value
      Mostaghel S., Cramer M., Faucher S., So L., Lee S.K., Oh S.-Y.

Towards computational modelling of multiphase flow in and around furnace tap-holes due to lancing with oxygen: an initial computational and cold-model validation study
      Erwee M.W., Reynolds Q.G., Zietsman J.H., Cromarty R.D., Lexmond A.S.

Sensor-based technology for ore and slag sorting
      Gryshan D. and Kulish A.

Laboratory study of slag metal separation for HC FeMn
      Ringdalen E., Solheim I., Tang K., Eidem P-A., Ravary B.

Ilmenite Smelting in a Pilot Scale DC Furnace
      Pisilä S., Palovaara P., Jong de A., Aula M.

ESS smelting technology enabling FeNi smelting from limonite
      Erasmus L., Fourie L.J.

Rapid redesign and Restart of the Vale Onça Puma Nickel Smelter
      Southall S., Zemanek A., Griebeler A., Stevens G., Emery B., Damasceno R.

Construction and commissioning of ERAMET SiMn + EMM plant in Gabon
      L’Huillier P.

Intelligent solutions for ferroalloy production of Paul Wurth
      Kappes H., Gantenberg M., Degel R., Kinzel K-P., Hoffmann M., Krüssmann M., Flammang M., Degel R.

A 90 MW calcium carbide furnace – mechanical design
      McCaffrey M., Ku H., Reid R., Robinson S., Sizemore F.

Refining of ferroalloys with the CLU® process
      Beskow K., Rick C-J and Vesterberg P.

RHI refractory solutions - a reliable partner for the ferroalloys industry
      Wenzl C., Spanring A.

Lining management - residual life assessment
      Mohanty B.

Evaluation of furnace refractory linings after sixteen years of producing silicomanganese
      O’Shaughnessy P. and Roux Le F.

Burn down, excavation and relining ENS12 2013/2014
      Lindseth A.G., Xayasenh A., Lecacheux B., Cowx P., Dimet A.

Advances in waterless cooling for extended refractory campaign life
      Parravani M., Jastrzebski M., Coull Z., Wasmund B.

Monitoring of electrical, thermal and technological processes in ore-thermal electric furnace for the production of high-carbon ferrochrome
      Kolyvanov S.Y., Savel'ev S., Rubtsovclaim V.V., Kondrashov, V. P., Lykov, A. G.

Temperature profiles in Søderberg electrodes
      Skjeldestad A., Tangstad M., Lindstad L., Larsen B.

Electrode voltage measurement in electric furnaces: analysis of error in measurement and calculation
      Tracy P., Gerritsen T., Saber F.

Electrode controller-leading to energy efficiency
      Mohanty B.

Research of the operation modes of self-baking electrodes of high-power electric ore-smelting furnaces at PJSC “Nikopol FerroAlloy Plant”
      Grinshpunt A.G., Dedov Yu.B.

Influence of coking process parameters on structural properties of “Direcsil” reductant
      S. Kim, M. Tolymbekov, V. Kim, N. Lu

Carbon materials for silicomanganese reduction
      Sethulakshmy Jayakumari and Merete Tangstad

Effect of South African reductants on ferrochrome production
      Xiaowei Pan

Quartz and carbon black pellets for silicon production
      Fei Li, Merete Tangstad, Ingeborg Solheim

On the mechanical strength of extrusion briquettes (BREX) for ferroalloy production
      A.M. Bizhanov, V.Ya.Dashevskii

Development of new ferroalloys compositions with chromium
      Zhuchkov V.I., Andreev N.A.

Effect of sulphur at reducing atmosphere on the chromite pellet properties
      A. Heikkilä, J. Raiskio and T. Fabritius

A novel process to produce chromium ferroalloys by use of solar grade crystalline silicon cutting slurry waste
      P. W. Han P. X. Chen S.J. Chu L. B. Liu R. Chen

Physical and chemical background of solid-phase obtaining of Fe - Cr ligature by gas-carbothermic reduction
      Grishin A.M., Simonov V.K., Shcheglova I.S.

Melting Behaviour of Mn sources - effect on furnace performance
      Eli Ringdalen, Merete Tangstad, Thomas Brynjulfsen

The comprehensive analysis of physical and chemical properties and metallurgical value of foreign manganese raw materials used during ferroalloy production
      S.G. Grishchenko, V.V. Krivenko, A.N. Ovcharuk, V.I. Olshansky, I.Yu. Filippov

The study of silicon chemical bond in modeled silicate systems and manganese ores using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
      Gladkikh V. A., Gasik M.I.

Reduction behaviour of manganese ore using methane gas
      Amit Bhalla and R Hurman Eric

The investigation of phosphorus chemical bond in the manganese-ore materials
      M.I. Gasik, V.A. Gladkikh

Dissolution of silica in slag in silicomanganese production
      Samane Maroufi, George Ciezki, Sharif Jahanshahi, Shouyi Sun and Oleg Ostrovski

The thermodynamic studies of silication processes and manganese and silicon carbothermic reduction using system tetraedration method ?nO-SiO2-CaO-MgO
      V.S. Kutsin, I.G. Kucher, Yu.B. Dedov, I.I. Kucher, A.V. Ruban

The study of magnesium oxide influence on thermophysical and electric properties of ferrosilicon manganese slag
      V.S. Kutsin, I.G. Kucher, Yu.B. Dedov, V.A. Ruban, I.I. Kucher

Research on de-titanium of silicomanganese ferroalloy by blowing N2
      S. J. Chu P. X. Chen S. L. Zeng

Tap-hole wear: analysis of daily average slag and metal compositions of a single SiMn smelter
      J.D. Steenkamp and P.C. Pistorius

Activation energy of nitriding 0.23%C ferromanganese
      S. Ghali, M. Eissa & H. El-Faramawy

Reduction of a garnieritic laterite ore by CO-CO2 gas mixtures
      J. Yang, G. Zhang, S. Jahanshahi and O. Ostrovski

The solubility of carbon in molten iron-nickel-silicon alloy at 1773K and 1823K
      P.X. Chen S.J. Chu P. W. Han

Pretreatment of reductive dephosphorization slags generated in high silicon ferronickel production
      M.Y.Lu, H.J. Wang, B.Song, S.J Chu

Diagram of phase structure of metallic system in liquid state
      S. Baisanov, Ye. Shabanov, A. Baisanov, A. Issagulov, Ch. Laurent

Synthesis of silicon carbide by carbothermal reduction of quartz in H2-Ar gas mixtures
      Xiang Li, Guangqing Zhang, Kai Tang, Oleg Ostrovski and Ragnar Tronstad

Researching of thermophysical processes in acheson furnace for the production of silicon carbide
      I.V. Derevyanko, A.V. Zhadanos

Viscosity of SiO2-MgO-Al2O3-FeO Slag for nickel laterite smelting process
      Lv Xueming, Qiu Jie, Liu Meng, Liu Mei, Lv Xuewei

Technology of Obtaining New Generation of Complex Ferroalloy with the Use of Kazakh Barite Ore
      S. O. Baisanov, V. A. Salina, Z. ?. Tokaeva

Mathematical and computational modelling of MHD effects in entrained droplets of slag and metal
      Q.G. Reynolds

Mathematical models for metallurgical scale-up
      S. A. Halvorsen, R. Schlanbusch and S. Shinkevich

Modeling of off-gas and particles flow under roff of a closed submerged arc furnace
      M. Kadkhodabeigi, B. Ravary and D. O. Hjertenes

Application of artificial neural network modeling for predicting the ferro alloys furnace output
      Dr.Rajib Kumar Mohapatra

Learning and teaching using process modeling and simulation
      Xiaowei Pan

Life-Cycle impacts and costs of manganese losses and recovery during ferromanganese production
      L.A. Westfall, M.H. Cramer, J. Davourie, D. McGough and M. Ali

Modeling on emulsification of slag and metal in shaking ladle
      S. Q. Ni , S. J. Chu , J. Zhang

Experience of cogeneration plant design to obtain power and heat in order to decrease ferroalloy manufacture costs
      V.F.Shevchenko, S.I.Maslennikova, G.D.Kiosev

Furnace power supply requirements for a high powered smelting furnace
      D. Shevchenko, B. Anderson, J. Wikston and L. Kadar

Use of ultra-low frequency furnaces for ferroalloys melting
      P. Kravchenko, S. Balashov, O. Bespalov, D. Malienko, V. Litvyak, D. Blizniuk

Energy consumption during HCFeCr production at Ferbasa
      Eli Ringdalen, Marcelo Rocha, Paulo Figueiredo

Operating a DC electric arc furnace on a weak grid challenges and solutions
      S. Tambe, R. Stadler

Industrial demonstration of arc detection in DC arc furnaces
      C. J. Hockaday, Q. G. Reynolds, D. T. Jordan

Etikrom Inc. waste gas heat recovery project and opportunities for Russian ferroalloy smelters
      Dr. Alparslan Malazgirt, Yavuzhan Kaya

The determination of real phase parameters of rectangular six-electrode ore-smelting furnace of type RPZ-63
      V.S.Kutsin, V.A.Gladkikh, V.I. Olshansky, I.Yu.Filippov, S.N. Kuzmenko, A.V. Ruban

Directions of saving energy resources in the technology of orethermical processes
      Victor Syvachenko, Victor Yemchytskyy, Vadym Nezhuryn

Dust emission minimazing, measuring and monitoring in FeCr-production in Tornio Works
      M. Päätalo, J. Raiskio

A novel dry-based system for safe, hygienic energy recovery from ferroalloy furnace exhaust
      Michael Trovant, Arran McGrath, Mirza Haque

Ecological aspects of ferroalloys and silicon metallurgical works – economical solutions
      C., Fröhling, SMS Group, R.,Degel, SMS Group

Development and introduction of an innovative technology of exhaust gas purification for manufacture of manganese agglomerate
      V.V. Osypenko, V.D. Osypenko, S.P. Shuvayev, Iu.I Korkodola

Innovative approaches when creating modern environmentally safe and energy efficient ferroalloy productions
      D. V. Stalinsky, Y. L. Petrov

Use and processing of dust of dry gas cleaning of ferrosilicon furnaces
      Sergey Balashov, Sergey Babko, Leonora Likhobitskaia, Yelizaveta Shyshkina

The development and introduction of resource saving technology of non-standard manganese ferroalloy fines recycling
      V.S. Kutsin, V.I. Olshansky, I.Yu. Filippov, A.A. Chumakov, V.G. Ganotsky

Design solutions on utilization of ferroalloy fine fractions and metal and slag separation at ferroalloy plant
      V.F.Shevchenko, S.I.Maslennikova, G.D.Kiosev

Wastes generation and use in ferroalloy production
      Zhdanov A.V., Zhuchkov V.I., Dashevskiy V.Ya., Leontyev L.I.

Electrolytic manganese from ferroalloy production furnace flying dust
      J.Sancho, J.C.Sánchez Recio, A.Fuentes, J.Ayala, J.L.Bernardo,C. Rodríguez

Benchmarking in the ferromanganese production processes
      B Kaelo Sedumedi, Dr Xiaowei Pan

On probable ways of steelmaking and ferroalloy industry development
      L.B. Medovar, S.G.Grishchenko, G.P. Stovpchenko, A.L. Kukharev, V.K.Granovskii

Steel deoxidation and alloying control model in the converter plant
      V.S. Bogushevskiy, V.Yu. Sukhenko

Estimate of desulphurizing ability of slags with the use of integral tests which charatcerises melted slag as a chemically uniform system
      Kamkina L.V., Togobitskaya D.N. and Sokur Yu.I.
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