4th International Conference on Molten Slags and Fluxes

Sendai, Japan, 8-11 June 1992

Cover, Preliminary pages, Contents, Author Index

The Influence of Structure on the Physico-chemical Properties of Slags
      K.C. Mills

Mathematical Expression of Slag-Metal Reactions in Steelmaking Process by Quadratic Formalism Based on the Regular Solution Model
      S. Ban-ya

Physical Chemistry of Slags Produced in the Processing of Non-ferrous Metals
      J.M. Toguri

Refractive Index and Optical Absorption Coefficient of Slags with High Iron-Oxide Content
      M. Susa, Futao Li, and K. Nagata

A Model Describing the Amphoteric Behaviour of Al3+ in Molten Lime-Alumina-Silica Ternary System
      Jiang Guochang and Zhang Xiaobing

Investigation of the Infra red Emission of Molten Aluminate- and Silicate Slags Using the Fourier-transform-spectroscopy
      N. Nowack, K. Mausbach, and F. Schlegelmilch

High Temperature NMR of Oxide Melts
      H. Maekawa, Y. Inagaki, S. Shimokawa, and T. Yokokawa

Existence of Liquid Lattice in MO-MF2 Melts
      H. Takebe, Y. Ohta, and K. Morinaga

Structure of Na2O-B2O3 Melts Measured by Pulsed Neutron Total Scattering
      Y. Kita, M. Misawa, N. Umesaki, T. Kirihara, T. Fukunaga, and T. Iida

Structure of Molten Slags in the Na2O-SiO2-TiO2 System
      K. Sugiyama, K. Nomura, Y. Waseda, and S. Kimura

Analyses and Predictions of the Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Diagrams of Silicate Systems
      M. Blander, A. Pelton, and G. Eriksson

Aspects of the Regular Solution Model and Its Application to Metallurgical Slags
      S. Jahanshahi and S. Wright

Potential-equivalence Ionic Composition for Molten Salts and Slags
      Zongshu Zou and L. Holappa

Simulation of Thermodynamic Properties of Slag Melts
      B.A. Shakhmatkin, N.M. Vedishcheba, and M.M. Shultz

Modelling and Database Development for the Thermodynamic Properties and Sulfide Capacities of Slags
      A.D. Pelton, G. Eriksson, and M. Blander

Calculation of Phase Diagrams for Oxide Slags by Thermodynamic Models
      W. Yamada and T. Matsumiya

Application of the Polymer Theory to Multicomponent Silicate and Aluminosilicate Melts
      N.I. Zalomov and V.N. Boronenkov

Simulation of Metal and Slag Melts Interaction for Optimization and Development of Technological Processes
      M. Zinigrad

A Statistical Thermodynamics Model of Slags: Applications to Systems Containing S, F, P2O5 and Cr Oxides
      H. Gaye, J. Lehmann, T. Matsumiya, and W. Yamada

Estimation of the Enthalpy of Evaporation of Molten Salts and Fluxes Based on a Harmonic Oscillator Model
      T. Iida, Y. Kita, and Z. Morita

Applicability of Molecular Dynamics to Analyses of Refining Slags
      T. Matsumiya, A. Nogami, and Y. Fukuda

Acid and Base of Slags
      T. Yokokawa

Measurements of Activities of Chromium Oxides in CaO-SiO2-CrOx Slags at Steelmaking Temperatures
      Yanping Xiao and L. Holappa

Automatic Determinator for the FeO Activities in Metallurgical Slags Based on an Electrochemical Technique
      T. Ogura, R. Fujiwara, R. Mochizuki, Y. Kawamoto, T. Oishi, and M. lwase

Sulphide Capacities of CaO-Al2O3·MgO and CaO-Al2O3·SiO2 Slags
      Mitsutaka Hino, S. Kitagawa, and S. Ban-ya

Sulfide Capacities of Silicate Slags
      R.G. Reddy, H. Hu and M. Blander

Carbonate and Sulfide Capacities of CaO-CaF2 Based Fluxes
      M. Maeda, S. Simeonov, and T. Ikeda

Reaction between Water Vapor and Molten Aluminate Fluxes
      Y. lguchi and M. Watanabe

Nitride Capacities in Slags
      H. Suito, K. Tomioka, and J. Tanabe

Investigation of Nitrogen Solubility in Slag Melts under Different Oxygen Potentials
      Y.I. Utochkin and A.V. Pavlov

Molten Slag Properties and Their Use in Steelmaking Process Control
      P.V. Riboud and H. Gaye

Thermodynamics of BaO Bearing Fluxes
      N. Sano

High Temperature Mass Spectrometric Study of Multicomponent Silicate Systems
      V. Stolyarova, S. Shornikov, G. Ivanov, and M. Shultz

Physical and Chemical Properties of Ferrite Calcium Melts
      M.V. Tuchina, V.P. Khaidukov, B.A. Shepel, and P.S. Klimashin

Development of a Phosphorus Sensor in High Temperature Slag-Metal Systems
      Young-Whan Cho and Jae-Dong Shim

Effects of Both Flux Compositions and Oxidizing Conditions on the Dephosphorization of High-chromium Hot Metal
      Y. Nakajima

The Refining of Steel with Calcium-based Slags
      D.R. Gaskell

The Treatment of Hot-Metal by Using CaF2 Containing Lime-based Slags
      W.H. van Niekerk and R.J. Dippenaar

Equilibrium between CaO-saturated FetO·CaO-P2O5·CaF2 Slag and Liquid Iron
      S. Hara, T. Tokonami, and K. Ogino

The Equilibrium of Nitrogen between Gas and Slag or Slag and Metal
      Xu Kuangdi, Jiang Guochang, and Lin Tianying

Removal of Chromium from Molten Steel by Oxidation Refining
      K. Maya and T. Matsuo

Role of Slag on Secondary Refining Process
      J. Eguchi, M. Fukunaga, T. Kimura, and T. Yamada

Fundamental Study on the Condition of Deoxidation for Molten Stainless Steel by Flux Addition
      H. Matsuno, Y. Kikuchi, and Y. Kawai

Application of the Coexistence Theory of Slag Structure to Multicomponent Slag Systems
      Zhang Jian

Oxygen Transfer between Flux and Steel in Continuous Casting Tundish
      N. Bessho, H. Yamasaki, T. Fujii, T. Nozaki, and S. Hiwasa

Copper Distribution between FeS-based Sulfide Flux and Carbon Saturated Iron Melt
      S. Ban-ya, Mitsutaka Hino, T. Nagasaka, and Chao Wang

Manganese Partition Equilibrium in Less Slag Blowing at BOF
      H. Ishikawa, H. Sato, H. Nakashima, Y. Kikuchi, Y. Tabata, and M. Tada

Enhanced Slag-Metal Reactions
      A. McLean, I.D. Sommerville, and F.L. Kemeny

Phosphorus- and Sulphur-containing Phases in BOF-slags
      E. Maxi, H. Hiebler, H. Presslinger, and K. Antlinger

Kinetics of Hot Metal Dephosphorization Using Lime Based Slags
      B. Monaghan, R. Pomfret, and K. Coley

Desiliconization by Flux Injection at the Blast Furnace Runner
      T. Uchiyama, K. Takeda, and S. Taguchi

The Mechanism of Sulphur Movement into the Molten Slag Phase from Liquid Steel
      T. El Gammal, Buong-Mo Lim, and E. Wosch

Efficiency and Effect of Na2O Addition to CaO-based Slags for Hot Metal Dephosphorization
      A. Inoue, Y. Komatsu, and S. Kuwano

A Dynamic Slag-droplet Model for the Steelmaking Process
      W. van der Knoop, B. Deo, A.B. Snoeijer, G. van Unen, and R. Boom

A Model on Slag-Metal Reaction Kinetics
      Guo Zhancheng, Wang Daguang, Xu Zhihong, and Xue Demao

lnterfacial Phenomena in Metallurgical Processes and lnterfacial Properties of Slags
      K. Ogino

Surface Tensions of Some Molten Salts and Their Surface Tension Driven Flows
      T. Nakamura, K. Yokoyama, and K. Mukai

Surface Tensions and Densities of Molten Al2O3 and Ti2O3
      N. lkemiya, S. Hara, and K. Ogino

Rate of Dissolution of Solid Alumina into Molten Slags
      H. Naito, M. lsomoto, M. Kishimoto, K. Nakashima, and K. Mori

The Dissolution Rate of Al203 into Molten Slag
      K. Ogawa, K. Inoue, S. Koyama, M. Shimotsusa, and Y. Fukuzaki

Observations on the Role of lnterfacial Phenomena in Materials Processing
      B.S. Terry and P. Grieveson

Effect of Slag Foaming on the Reduction of Iron Oxide in Molten Slag by Graphite
      M. Sheikhshab Bafghi, H. Kurimoto, and M. Sano

Mechanism of Formation of Foaming Slags in Electric Arc Furnaces
      E. Burstrom, Guozhu Ye, J. von Scheele, and R. Selin

Development of Slag Foaming Restraint Method by Carbon Addition in Hot Metal Pretreatment Process
      S. Kitamura, H. Furuta, and M. Takase

Marangoni Effect in Molten Salts and Slags
      K. Mukai

The Influence of Marangoni lnterfacial Flows in Flux-line Erosion
      C.P. Broadbent, G. Tsotridis, E.D. Hondros, and H. Rother

Physical Model of Slag Foaming
      Y. Ogawa, D. Huin, H. Gaye, and N. Tokumitsu

The Degradation of Submerged Entry Nozzles
      A.F. Dick, S. Zarrug, R. J. Pomfret, and K. S. Coley

Limiting Current Density of Aluminum Electrodeposition from AlCl3-Ethylmethylimidazolium Chloride Melt on Sheet Steel
      Y. Uchida, M. Tatano, and K. Izumi

Development of Al-Mn Alloy Plating Process from Molten Salt
      A. Shibuya, J. Uchida, H. Seto, Y. Yamamoto, and T. Tsuda

Aluminum Alloy Electroplating on Steel Sheet from Molten Salt Bath
      S. Nakajima, S. Gomi, H. Nakakoji, and N. Morito

Limiting Stage of Tungsten Anodic Oxidation on the Boundary of Molten Metal and Slag
      M.I. Zinigrad and A.G. Okol'zdayev

Transport Phenomenon of Oxygen through Molten CaO-SiO2 System Containing Zinc and/or Nickel Oxides
      M. Sasabe and S. Kitamura

Effect of Thermal Properties of Mold Flux on Surface Quality of Continuously Cast Slab
      H. Yasunaka, H. Matsuda, and K. Matsuo

Heat Transfer between Mold and Strand through Mold Flux Film in Continuous Casting of Steel
      A. Yamauchi, K. Sorimachi, and T. Sakuraya

Heat Transfer in Continuous Casting Powders
      H. Ohta, K. Nakajima, M. Masuda, and Y. Waseda

A Theoretical Model for Ionic Melts and Its Application in the Estimation of Slag Viscosities
      Du Sichen, J. Bygden, and S. Seetharaman

Transport Properties of Silicate Melts Estimated by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
      H. Ogawa and Y. Shiraishi

Standard Reference Material {SRM) for High Temperature Viscosity Measurements
      C.P. Broadbent, M. Franken, D. Gould, and K.C. Mills

Characteristics of a New Oscillating-plate Viscometer
      T. Iida and T. Tanaka

Viscosity of Na2O -B2O3 Melts
      R.G. Reddy, J.Y. Yen, and S. Shrivastava

New Oscillating Plate Viscometer for Instantaneous Measurement of Viscosity of Molten Slag
      S. Sasahara, S. Inaba, and M. Tomita

Visco-elastic Properties of Molten ZnCl2 and NaCl Binary System
      T. Yamamura, Yuzuru Sato, Zhu Hong Min, M. Endo, and Yoshiyuki Sato

Development of Mold Powder for Kakogawa No. 4 Slab Caster
      S. Saruhashi, J. Abu, K. Matsuo, and K. Ebato

Viscous Characteristics of Synthetic Mold Powder for High Speed Continuous Casting
      Jong Wan Kim, Joo Choi, Oh Duck Kwon, In Ryul Lee, Young Kil Shin, and Jong Sun Park

Improvement of Melting Characteristics for Continuous Casting Mold Flux
      Y. Matsushita, K. Tanaka, T. Wada, and T. Takahashi

Mold Powder in the Production of High Grade Wire Rods for Cold Heading Use
      S. Watanabe, S. Kawasaki, Y. Kanazuka, H. Sugahara, M. Aoki, and Y. Matsusita

Composition Change during the Slag Formation Both in the Blast Furnace and the Electric Arc Furnace
      J. Lamut, V. Gontarev, and K. Koch

Physical and Chemical Properties of Ferruginous Lime
      V.P. Khaidukov, B.A. Shepel, and S.L. Zevin

Analysis of the Lime Production Development for Needs of Russian Iron and Steel Industry
      V.F. Panchenko, B.A. Shepel, V.P. Dereza, and V.P. Khaidukov

The Formation of Alumina Inclusion in Aluminum Killed Steel Contacting with the FeO Containing Slag
      T. lsono, K. Ohnuki, and K. Umezawa

Modelling of Inclusion Modification in Calcium Treated Steels
      V. Presern

Inclusion Transfer Behavior across Molten Steel-Slag Interface
      K. Nakajima and K. Okamura

Investigation of Optimum Slag for Removal of Al2O3 Inclusion in Steel
      K. Shinme and T. Matsuo

Reaction Kinetics of Some Liquid Slags at Low Iron Oxide Content
      G.R. Belton

Smelting Reduction of Metal Oxides by Carbothermic Process
      Dong-ui Kim, Woo-sik Lee, II-ock Lee, and Young-hwan Cho

Effect of Slag Composition on the Kinetics of the Reduction of Iron Oxide in Molten Slag by Graphite
      M. Sheikhshab Bafghi, Y. Ito, S. Yamada, and M. Sano

Kinetic Model for the Reaction between Iron Oxide in Molten Slag and Carbon in Molten Iron via CO-CO2 Bubble
      K. Shibata, T. Kitamura, and N. Tokumitsu

Effect of Chromium Content in Liquid Iron on the Smelting Reduction of Chromite Ore in Molten Slag
      S. Yokoyama, H. Sasaki, and M. Kawakami

The State and the Function of a Thick Slag Layer in the Smelting Reduction Process
      H. Katayama, T. Ohno, M. Yamauchi, H. Hirata, and T. Inomoto

Reduction Kinetics of Chromium Oxide in Slags by Dissolved Carbon in Iron Bath
      Du Ting, You Xiaomin, Wu Yeming, Zhang Yuqing, and Wang Longmei

Distribution of Some Impurity Elements between High Grade Copper Matte and Calcium Ferrite Slag
      S. Nikolov, H. Jalkanen, and M. Kyto

Distribution Equilibria of Some Impurity Elements in Molten Copper-Cu2O Bearing Slag System
      T. Nakamura, F. Noguchi, and K. Oosumi

Studies on the Reduction Kinetics of Metallurgical Lead Slags
      S. Jahanshahi and S. Wright

The Reaction of Solid Copper with FeS-Na2S Mattes
      I. Jimbo, Y. Zhang, A.W. Cramb, and R.J. Fruehan

Oxidic and Sulfidic Dissolution of Copper in Matte Smelting Slag
      Y. Takeda

Solubility of Metal in Liquid Phase Equilibrating with Molten Metal
      A. Yazawa and Mitsuhisa Hino

The Slag-Matte Boundary in the Fe-O-S-SiO2 (Sat) System at 1200°C
      H. Li and W.J. Rankin

Thermodynamics of Sodium Carbonate-based Slags Containing As, Sn, or Fe-oxide
      T. Fujisawa, H. Fukuyama, and C. Yamauchi

The Recovery of Zinc from Steel Dust by Using Submerged Injection Smelting Process
      Nam Il Moon and Yong Hack Lee

Solubility of Ga2O3 or ln2O3 in Liquid B2O3
      S. Djusman, M. Yano, T. Narushima, and Y. Iguchi

Cryolite-metal Oxide Binary Phase Diagrams and Purification of Lead Bullion and Blister Copper
      Gill Won Suh and Young Hyun Paik

Roles of Flux in Melting and Refining of Aluminum
      G. Masuda, K. Oosumi, and T. Onoye

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