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Southern African Pyrometallurgy 2011 International Conference

Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, 6-9 March 2011

Tourist Attractions

  • Sterkfontein Caves
  • Wonder Cave
  • Maropeng
  • Kromdraai Gold Mine
  • Game drives
  • Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve
  • De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre
  • Lion Park
  • Krugersdorp Game Reserve
  • Hartebeespoort Aquarium
  • Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens
  • Hot Air Balloon ride
  • Astronomical observatory
  • Traditional Zulu village
  • Lesedi Cultural Village
  • Crocodile Ramble
  • Ngwenya Glass
  • Van Gaalen Cheese Farm
  • Hiking
  • Trout fishing

Sterkfontein Caves Sterkfontein Caves
The ancient fossils known as Mrs Ples and Little Foot were discovered in these caves. There are six large underground caverns and an underground lake. Daily 45-minute tours, starting every half hour, from 9am to 4pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
Phone: (014) 577-9000

Wonder Cave Wonder Cave
This naturally beautiful cave is 2200 million years old, and has a vertical entrance by lift. The Wonder Cave has an enormous chamber with beautiful 15-metre-high stalactite formations, as well as cave pearls and rimstone pools. Bones of rodents, frogs, lizards, and birds have been found in the cave. Open daily from 8am to 4pm, with tours on the hour.
Phone: (011) 957-0106

Maropeng Maropeng
Maropeng means "returning to the place of origin" in Setswana. This is meant to remind visitors that it is believed that the ancestors of all humans came from Africa. The visitor centre takes on the form of an ancient burial mound or tumulus. A journey on an underground lake illustrates the four elements - water, air, fire, and earth. The journey continues through exhibits showing the ancient history of our species, including real fossils from the Cradle of Humankind. Open daily 9am - 5pm.
Phone: (014) 577-9000

Kromdraai Gold Mine Kromdraai Gold Mine
This old gold mine is one of the earliest on the Witwatersrand, dating back to 1881. Guided tours are available on the hour, from 9am, with the last at 4pm.
Phone: (011) 957-0211

Game drive Game drive

Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve
This game reserve has about 30 species of animals (about 600 individuals), including rhino, lion, buffalo, cheetah, and wild dogs. Open daily.
Phone: (011) 957-0044 or -0106 E-mail:

De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre

Lion Park Lion Park

Krugersdorp Game Reserve Krugersdorp Game Reserve
This 1500 hectare park is home to four of the 'big five', as well as giraffe and hippo. Attractions include a 100 hectare lion enclosure, and a large aviary where 150 indigenous species can be observed. Roads are tarred. Self-catering picnic facilities are available.
Open seven days a week, 8am - 6pm. Phone: (011) 950-9900

Hartebeespoort Aquarium Hartebeespoort Aquarium

Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon ride
Float gracefully over the Crocodile River Valley. There are a number of launching sites, including Glenburn Lodge.

Astronomy Astronomy and dinner
The Observatory restaurant at Aloe Ridge combines dinner with a live astronomical experience, with images from the large telescope projected onto a screen.
Phone: (011) 957-2070 E-mail:

Zulu dancers Heia Safari - Traditional Zulu lunch and dancers (2 hours).
Guided game drives in 650 ha game reserve. Open daily.
Phone: (011) 919-5000 E-mail:

Lesedi Cultural Village Lesedi Cultural Village
Cultural village, craft market, and restaurant. Open daily 7:30am - 7:30pm.
Phone: (012) 205-1394/5 E-mail:

Crocodile Ramble Crocodile Ramble
Arts and crafts around the Crocodile River

Ngwenya Glass Ngwenya Glass
Glassblowers can be seen in action on weekdays (and on the last weekend of every month). Handmade and mouth-blown glassware (using recycled glass) is for sale every day of the week, from 9am to 5pm. This relaxed rural setting also has a number of craft shops and a tea garden.

Van Gaalen Cheese Farm Van Gaalen Cheese Farm
This farm produces cheese according to old Dutch traditions. Guided tours are available, and cheese can be bought from the farm shop. Open daily (except Tuesdays) from 8am - 5pm. Bookings essential.
Phone: (012) 207-1289 or 083-226-7834

Swartkops mountain Hiking

Trout fishing Trout fishing

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